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Instrumental and Process Engineering Services


Consultancy and feasibility studies. Process Design Package. Process Design Data Book (plant capacity, unit process description, plant site condition, raw materials characteristic and consumptions, utilities characteristics and consumptions, plant effluents, process flow diagrams, plant site conditions). Material and energy balances. Fluid list with relevant design conditions and material requirements. Piping and instrumental diagrams (process). Equipment list and equipment specifications. Instrument list and instrument specifications (process). Motor list (process rating). DCS I/O and interlock list. DCS graphic pages (process). Plant operating instructions manuals.

  • Basic engineering
  • PID
  • PID utilities

  • On-site technical surveys and subsequent documentation drafting/updating
  • System revamping
  • Instrumentation specifications
  • Loop diagrams
  • Instrument-equipment placement layout
  • Path layout
  • Lists of cables
  • Primary installation diagrams secondary pneumatic and electrical diagrams
  • Punch list
  • Pre-commissioning protocol
  • List of materials
  • DCS (e.g. ABB: S800 and System Six)
  • PLC and PES safety systems (e.g. HIMA) in compliance with IEC61508
  • Intrinsically safe terminals (Eex-i)
  • Electromechanical safety terminal blocks
  • RDO preparation and requests for offers
  • Technical evaluation and tabulation of purchases of bids
  • Economic quantification of the works
  • Works management and supervision
  • Start-up assistance.

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