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Integrated Water Treatment Solutions


The effective management of wastewater from industry, and control and distribution of water for irrigation applications, is essential in ensuring the continued health of our environment.  By recognising and responding to the unique problems faced by industrial and agricultural operators, we provide tailored solutions based on your requirements.

We provide strategies and solutions for treatment of waste streams in industrial and agricultural settings - conversion of sludge and solids to compostable by-products and recovered wastewater for reuse in process and irrigation applications.

Aqwell pioneered 'closed loop' water treatment systems within the textile industry and applies this expertise to industrial and agricultural wastes and environmental consultancy.  We offer innovative solutions for filtration, treatment, disposal, odour / emission control and re-use options across a broad range of settings.

Aqwell are leaders in inline screening of Didymo from NZ waterways, protecting valuable irrigation and stock watering equipment and helping to keep NZ's aquatic environment clean.  Our effluent handling and treatment technologies have farm and factory applications.

Expert staff will assist in identifying and designing the most robust and cost effective system to meet your specific needs.

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