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- Onsite Gap Analysis Service



A service for companies that are interested in adopting ISO 14001:2015 and want to quantify the scope of work, resources and timeline to achieve certification

Service Includes:

  • Dedicated Consultant
  • Advance Preparation / Documentation Desktop Review
  • Visit Agenda (provided in advance for planning resources availability)
  • Onsite Gap Analysis
  • Full documented report on all findings & recommendations
  • Follow Up Call & Discussion on any findings and/or recommendations

Service Summary

  • Dedicated consultant
  • Audit Scheduling & Planning Assistance
  • Remote and Onsite Available
  • Full Documented Report Included

Service Coverage

A service for companies that are interested in adopting ISO 14001:2015 and want to quantify the scope of work, resources and timeline to achieve certification

  • Gap Analysis Agenda

    To ensure that you are fully ready for the gap analysis, we will issue an agenda in advance to ensure you are fully prepared and all resources are available for the agreed date & time that the gap analysis will take place.

  • Onsite Gap Analysis

    Our consultant will conduct either an onsite gap analysis versus ISO 14001:2015 Requirements.

    At the closing meeting (end of audit), the Consultant will informally advise you of all findings & recommendations.

  • Full Documented Report

    We will provide a detailed, full documented report on all findings & recommendations as part of the service.

  • Follow Up Call & Discussion

    Our consultant will schedule a follow up call with you to go through the report & discuss any findings and/or recommendations. Additional assistance will also be available.

1. Initial Gap Analysis & Operational Research Study
The Initial Gap Analysis Study is for clients who want a stand-alone or integrated management system and want to understand where they stand versus the conformity management system standard (baseline); what they need to do to achieve management system certification to this standard or standards; what is the project plan, time and costs involved in achieving the management system certification. For the client who wants a performance based management system, an operational research study, which is a more in-depth gap analysis would be required.

2. System Development
System development includes the following modules:

  • Leadership
    In this module we need to educate the top and middle management team on the management system conformity standard(s); we outline the benefits and limitations; we define and document the scope of the management system; we explore the leadership role and responsibilities including challenges they will face as a leadership team; we develop the organization stakeholder map including the needs and expectations of the interested parties; we establish the organization’s policy and objectives/goals including alignment with the organization objectives/goals; we review and establish the management system project planning including reporting structure; and we develop a standard communication plan to enable the leadership team to communicate organization wide.
  • Planning including Change Management
    In this module we define and document the programs to achieve the objectives/ goals; we identify the risks and opportunities in achieving the policy and objectives/ goals; we define and document the mitigation actions to be taken, if the policy and objectives/goals are not achieved.  We also define and document the organization’s change management process.
  • Process Development
    In this module we will define and document process management within the organization, including the process management model and methodology [process mapping]; defining and documenting the process management metrics, namely [Quality - KPIs, PPIs and APIs] [Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety – leading/Proactive and lagging/ Reactive indicators]; [Food Safety – control measure metrics]; [Information Security – security metrics] reporting framework [dashboards]
  • Documentation Management
    In this module we identify and/or design the organization document management system.  We assist the organization identify and evaluate the document management system; we define and document the organization’s documentation, e.g. procedures, quality plan, work instructions, records; and we define and document the control of the organization’s external documentation, e.g. drawings, equipment manuals, specifications etc.  
  • Resource Management
    In this module we review the organization structure, roles, accountability and responsibilities, culture and behaviors and align with the requirements of the organization policy and objectives/management system conformity standards; we review the organization’s  human resource management system, specifically in regard to competence, training and awareness and develop it to fulfil the needs to the organization and management system conformity standards; we review the organization’s arrangements in regard to infra-structure, specifically, the organization’s structure, information systems/ technology, maintenance and transportation ensuring the organization’s practices conform to the requirements of the management system conformity standard(s)

3. Implementation
During this phase of the project we work alongside management implementing and monitoring the performance of the management system(s).  This involves organization-wide communication, awareness and training and development associated with the management system and its benefits; developing middle management and supervisors to facilitate implementation of the management system(s); implementing management system performance management and reporting; establishment of the internal management system audit program; training and development and/or coaching/mentoring of internal auditors; establishing the organization root cause analysis including corrective and preventative action; implementation of the organization’s management system review; and implementation project planning and reporting   

4. Sustainability
During this step, we work alongside top and middle management focus on effectiveness and efficiency of the management system(s); this includes addressing any resistance and/or embedding desired culture and behavior changes; we review and address any process and organization performance; we identify further opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system(s); and we ensure enhance the capabilities of the organization to enable the organization sustain the gain and performance attained

5. Certification
The Kelmac Group® consultants can assist the organization prepare for the initial certification by conducting a preliminary management system audit to help the organization understand their readiness status; we can provide coaching and mentoring to both management and staff in advance of the initial certification audit; we can also be on-site during the initial certification audit to provide encouragement and advice to the organization during the initial audit; and we can provide support in understanding and responding to any audit concerns/audit findings in a timely manner 

6. Beyond Certification
Certification for many organization’s is the initial goal.  For most organization’s this is the beginning and not the end of the journey toward building excellence in management systems.  Post certification, the Kelmac Group® consultants help the organization document its success (case study); we review the maturity level of the organization’s management system(s); we help the organization review and where necessary re-define the new roadmap to Excellence; we help organization identify the most appropriate Excellence models, and tools to implement the new roadmap; we help the organization identify the resources they may need to maintain what they have achieved and at the same time build the new vision for the organization in relation to management system performance.

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