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cooling tower performance services

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    ENEXIO - Service Team

    The ENEXIO Service Team is superbly equipped with all the necessary special tools and is able to carry out even highly specialized work on any cooling tower. Performance, sound and vibration data are determined and evaluated by our highlyqualified technical staff so that a tailored solution is perfectly worked out for our customers.

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Wet Cooling Tower Service Service line

  • NERI Calculator

    Neri Calculator is a calculating program aimed at maximizing cooling tower performance. It takes as input various type of related data and gives two types of results: (i) verification that tower sizing is optimal, or (ii) best data for sizing tower.

    By NERIFILL1 based in Milan, ITALY.

  • Tower Inspection Services

    Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. (CTTI) has performed tower inspections throughout the United States. We take great pride in doing our work thoroughly, and our understanding of cooling towers assist us in performing quality inspections.

    By Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. (CTTI) based in White Castle, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Side Stream Filtration Services

    Cooling tower water filtration is often required to ensure manageable water conditions with modern film, low-clog and low-fouling film fill materials. side stream filtration is a good compliment to proper fill selection and water treatment to help cooling towers maintain optimal performance and minimize maintenance requirements.

    By Industrial Cooling Solutions, Inc. (ICS) based in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Water Treatment Service

    Together with our cooling tower water treatment partners, ICS provides total care solutions for our customers which includes system audits and Operations & Maintenance solutions to help you maintain your tower efficiency at its highest level. Chemical water treatment solutions can be packaged with new ICS Counterflow and Crossflow cooling ...

    By Industrial Cooling Solutions, Inc. (ICS) based in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Inspection Services

    In conjunction with inspections with written reports, Cooling Tower Depot can establish the current thermal and mechanical performance and present operating conditions to evaluate the original conditions verses the conditions now or on an ongoing basis. This operations point can then be used to evaluate the many different options you have to ...

    By Cooling Tower Depot Inc. based in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

  • Refurbishment Services

    Along with manufacturing new cooling towers, due to our flexible, project-oriented production, YWCT has developed expertise in cooling tower refurbishment. Small packaged cooling towers are often brought to our facility and undergo a thorough makeover, while field-erected cooling towers are revamped on site by our experienced field teams.

    By YWCT based in Ashkelon, ISRAEL.

  • Retrofitting

    Existing cooling towers must be updatedto new working conditions (with the best performance and energy efficiency) through the modifications and improvements designed by our technologists. We will identify and analyze the technical options to restore cooling system:• Cooling towersredesign in order to adapt them to new working conditions.• General ...

    By Torraval Cooling S.L - part of The MITA group based in LEIOA (Vizcaya), SPAIN.

  • Maintenance and Reconstruction Services

    Tower Inspection : You can contact us for an inspection of your tower by our technical staff. They can provide you with all information regarding its current situation and operational lifetime as well as what to do to in order to optimize its performance. Performance Tests : You can't assess the impact of any improvement work on your tower unless ...

    By YOLYAPI A.S. based in Istanbul, TURKEY.

  • New Cooling Tower or Refurbishment Services

    CTSNL does not think immediately about the delivery of a new cooling tower when a customer tells us his problem. We investigate if we can solve the problem by replacing the interior of the cooling tower, partly or completely.In most cases this kind of cooling tower refurbishment has a compatitive price because the foundation and the external ...

    By CTS Cooling Tower Service b.v. based in Pannerden, NETHERLANDS.

  • Repair / Upgrade

    Are you in need of cooling tower repair or upgrade? ICS has the experience and expertise to repair or upgrade your water cooling tower to new condition or better and perform this work within tight time constraints to minimize your plant downtime. Online fill replacement. Wood to FRP conversions. Complete structure replacement or upgrade. ...

    By Industrial Cooling Solutions, Inc. (ICS) based in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection Services

    In order to minimise the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and comply with the requirements of ACoP L8 a cooling tower chemical treatment should be performed in order to clean and disinfect the system regularly to remove fouling that can provide a growth environment for Legionella bacteria. The normal process involves Cooling Tower Chlorination ...

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cooling Tower Testing Services

    CleanAir’s Mike Womack serves as the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Thermal Certification Administer with technical and administrative oversight of CTI’s thermal certification program. Under this program, participating tower manufacturers have their published thermal ratings certified by CTI under the CTI STD-201 program. ...

    By Clean Air Engineering, Inc. based in Palatine, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Cooling Tower Services

    When service requirements on your tower go beyond the simple replacement of off-the-shelf components, contact CCS. In partnership with our CCS representatives, we deliver services from equipment and thermal upgrades to partial or full cooling tower reconstruction, including improvements that can restore and improve thermal performance and ...

    By Composite Cooling Solutions, L.P based in Fort Worth, TEXAS (USA).

  • Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

    Cooling Tower Cleaning and associated cooling systems reduces the build up of accumulated nutrients; a primary cause of Legionella growth. Another problem is that certain water can contain salts such as magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate, which are less soluble in hot water than they are in cold. This can cause deposits, and along with the ...

    By Green Water Services based in Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cooling Tower Microbiological Water Laboratory Analyses

    Cooling towers can be a critical process in many industrial production facilities. An industrial cooling tower can be the perfect media for biological growth if not properly treated. Typical pH is 7-9 and temperatures may have a wide range. In a cooling tower, the water trickles down a large surface area in order to air-cool the water.  The ...

    By Environmental Leverage Inc. based in North Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Cleaning And Disinfection Services

    BAC Balticare offers a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection service for cooling equipment. These cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out in full compliance with regulatory or site specific health and safety requirements. Keeping surfaces clean within a cooling tower or evaporative condenser not only ensures that the thermal ...

    By Balticare Ltd based in Uxbridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Legionella Pneumophila Culture

    Legionella testing and analysis is performed on waters (cooling tower, public supply, etc.) by culturing, using a variety of methods depending on the sample collection source. Legionella samples are plated onto differential and selective agars for quantitative analysis. Legionella testing by non-viable methods can lead to cross reactions of the ...

    By EMLab P&K based in South San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Bacteria Testing: Surface Samples Service line

  • Cooling Water Treatment Service

    The water treatment of cooling towers is an integral part of process and building operations in many industries, with the possibility of productivity and product quality being adversely affected by scale, corrosion, fouling and microbiological contamination.

    By Ecolab Inc. based in St. Paul, MINNESOTA (USA). from Water Treatment Service line

  • Cooling Tower Servicing Services

    Aqualyng ICES offer a complete service including chemical product support ensuring your system operates at its optimal efficiency with minimal water and chemical losses. The rising cost of water has generated the need to find alternative water supply sources, our team are experienced in using reclaimed and storm water as makeup and along with ...

    By Aqualyng ICES based in Murarrie, AUSTRALIA.

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