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Land Drilling Services

by Nabors Production Services     based in ALBERTA (CANADA)

Nabors currently operates the largest land drilling rig #3;fleet in the world, with approximately 500 rigs working #3;in more than 25 countries and in virtually every significant oil and gas basin. We also have the highest number of high-specification rigs with more than 215 new AC rigs and more than 150 recently refurbished SCR rigs. Many of our ...

Offshore Drilling Services

by Nabors Production Services     based in ALBERTA (CANADA)

Nabors currently operates 48 offshore rigs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and nine other countries worldwide. The company is a leader in the platform drilling rig market with its innovative MASE® and MODS™ rigs, the latter designed to withstand the wind and wave action associated with deepwater offshore drilling. Two new 4600 hp ...

Rig Evaluation

by Remedy Energy Services Inc.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Remedy Energy Services has unique expertise in the area of rig selection and evaluation. Mr. Jim Hamilton P.Eng has worked most of his career for Canadian drilling contractors in the area of rig design and operations and brings the benefit of that expertise to Remedy and our clients.

Drilling Services

by Codeco Energy Group     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

When you need experience on your side to ensure that the job gets done on time and on budget, Codeco has the people you need. We will assess the drilling project that you have and provide a step-by-step process that will provide you with timely cost estimates, drilling programs, rig contracting and the operational expertise that you require, here ...

Drilling Services

by Tri-Phase Group (TPG)     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Tri-Phase is a licensed Well Contractor and all our drillers are licensed Well Technicians.  Our experience, equipment and resources allow us to deliver the specific requirements of any geotechnical or environmental project.

Rotay Duplex Drilling Services

by Advanced Construction Techniques Ltd. (ACT)     based in King, ONTARIO (CANADA)

ACT owns several rotary duplex drill rigs capable of using either auger rotary or eccentric drill tooling systems for overburden drilling. Typically, this type of drilling is used for rock anchors, soil nails, micropiles, overburden casing installation or holes of large diameter or long-reach drill holes. ACT's rotary duplex drills utilize inner ...

Rock Drilling Service

by Strata Drilling Group     based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Strata Drilling Group employs state-of-the-art Rock Coring (BQ & NQ sizes) Air Rotary with Symmetrix technology to drill into the bedrock. The Symmetrix system, patented technology, provides simultaneous casing advancement with various sizes of ballistic carbide bits using a 375CFM air compressor. Symmetrix can drill straight holes at any ...

Geotechnical Drilling Service

by Strata Drilling Group     based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Strata Drilling Group offers geotechnical drilling services which are flexible and designed to meet the client’s individual needs. Strata Drilling Group provides cost-effective, reliable quality driven solutions for geotechnical drilling services.

Environmental Drilling Service

by Strata Drilling Group     based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Strata Drilling Group utilizes state-of-the-art methods in order to sample soils quickly with minimal disturbance to the environment. Strata Drilling Group also provides the most efficient methods to monitor groundwater for possible contamination. The latest drilling methods are also applied in the remediation of contaminated soil and/or ...

Drilling Waste Management

by Marquis Alliance Energy Group Inc. - a division of Secure Energy Services Inc.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Our Drilling Waste Management team provides solutions that meet the highest level of regulatory compliance while keeping the most cost-effective disposal options in mind. This group was at the forefront of the Directive 50 review process, providing us with an unparalleled understanding. With their knowledge, our in-house laboratory has conducted ...

Low Ground Pressure Drilling Services

by MDH Engineered Solutions     based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Our custom Giddings model GSRPSUV drilling unit is mounted on a low ground pressure amphibious vehicle specially designed for shallow site investigation work in difficult ground conditions. The light weight and low ground pressure of the unit minimizes surface damage, is easy to transport to sites by trailer, and allows work on soft ground where ...

Drilling/Soil Sampling Services

by Tundra Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling     based in Donalda, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Tundra offers solid/hollow stem augering, odex, coring, Laskey, rotary and oil sands exploration drilling We will work with you to determine the most efficient, cost effective way of utilising a drill unit from our fleet of 21drill units . Two of them heli-portable.

Services and Support

by Maxidrill International Ltd.     based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA)

We have been providing highly reliable drill rigs and parts to over 25 countries, and still Maxidrill is looking forward to exceed these goals, creating more sophisticated and secure rigs at the most affordable prices in the market.

WellLink Performance Service

by Baker Hughes     Office in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

In today’s cost-sensitive drilling environment, Operators are looking for opportunities to improve their drilling efficiency and reduce their financial exposure. Their ability to identify and remedy issues affecting efficiency can lead to improved drilling economics. The Baker Hughes WellLink™ Performance analysis service provides the ...

Wireless Air Surveillance Protection

by HSE Integrated Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

HSE’s Wireless Air Surveillance Protection (WASP) is a state-of-the-art portable gas detection system that delivers the safety, security and performance needed for hazardous locations that require gas-concentration monitoring (i.e., gas plants, wellsites, drilling rigs).

Limited Access

by Strata Drilling Group     based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Limited access rigs are used when we have the challenge of extreme space constrictions: narrow access, limited work pad area, overhead restrictions and low ceilings. Strata Drilling Group has the most powerful state-of-the-art limited access equipment on the market.

Oilfield Division Services

by Newalta Corporation     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Newalta's Oilfield Division provides services to oil and gas exploration and production companies in Western Canada and the U.S. It also includes a Drilling Services group that manages drill site and environmental services. The solutions we provide - both through our facilities and on customer sites - help customers reduce waste volumes; recover ...

Tailings Sampling Services

by Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling Inc.     based in Bowen Is., BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Sampling tailings can be a tricky operation, as tailings are usually quite soft and can have a low weight bearing capacity. They also are almost always located in annoyingly far flung places. Since our equipment is hand portable, we are able to set-up on most sites and retrieve a 2-inch core down to over 100-feet with minimal set-up. In very soft ...

Special Services

by Nabors Production Services     based in ALBERTA (CANADA)

Nabors delivers the best solutions for excavation, mobilization, plug and abandonment, and equipment rental services in selected geographic markets. The company’s special services include rental and fishing services, plug and abandonment, excavation and construction, wellbore cleanout, plug setting and retrieval, tubing conveyed perforating ...

Exploration and Production Services

by HFP Acoustical Consultants Corp.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

HFP performs quality acoustical services for gas storage facilities, drilling operations and gathering facilities. HFP works in all aspects of the acoustic design, from noise impact assessments, conceptual and detailed compressor station design to commissioning and operation noise emission studies. We have an intimate working knowledge of the ...

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