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Environmental Management Services

by AES International Consultants     Office in Doha, QATAR

Sound environment management is Integral to sustainable development. Effective environmental policies, strategies, plans and implementation programs are essential to good environmental management. AES has extensive experience in such areas and can support clients with services.

Environmental Information Management

by AES International Consultants     Office in Doha, QATAR

In today's complex world, processing, analyzing and interpreting ever-increasing amounts of data and information to make decisions, is a significant challenge in many fields, including the environment. As the world focuses more and more on the importance of achieving sustainable development, more parameters are being monitored with greater degrees ...

Brownfields - Environmental Damages Services

by JENA-GEOS-Ingenieurbüro GmbH     Office in QATAR

Investigation, assessment, planning, management and controlling aimed a the redevelopment of environmental damages. Coverage, risk prognosis and monetarization of brownfields and brownfield settlings. Integrated site development plans. Timing and controlling of complex redevelopment projects. Environmental Due Diligence.

Water Resources Management Services

by AES International Consultants     Office in Doha, QATAR

Fresh water is one of the world’s most important natural resources as it is critical to the well-being of all people. Effective management of surface and ground water resources is thus a major environmental priority. In arid climates, such as those of the Gulf countries where fresh water is in short supply and the vast majority of drinking ...

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

by Qatar Petroleum     based in Doha, QATAR

At Qatar Petroleum, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) includes environmental conservation and protection, sustainable development, occupational health, safety, oil spill and emergency response preparedness and management and quality assurance and HSE management systems.

FM Operations (Buildings) Services

by EMCOR Facilities Services Group Ltd. (EFSG)     Office in Doha, QATAR

Our people are experts in managing the performance of predictive and unscheduled tasks that prevent equipment failure or decline. We operate a centralized 24/7 call centre operations using the in practice CAFM systems. In addition, working with clients to increase efficiency reliability and safety EMCOR facilities services’ experts can generate ...

Advanced Global Trading - Communication and PR

by Advanced Global Trading | AGT Alternative Investments     Office in Doha, QATAR

Building real value into your organisation through both internal and external stakeholders is a major benefit of implementing a CO2 management plan or CO2 neutral position.

Construction Planning Services

by JENA-GEOS-Ingenieurbüro GmbH     Office in QATAR

Building and redevelopment of landfills (basis and surface sealing, recultivation, water balance, catchment of percolating and surface water, draining-off of percolating water, infrastructure). Structural brownfield redevelopment (sealing, encasement, excavation, stabilization, inertization). Environmental-geotechnical building measures (rock, ...

Energy Solutions

by Dynamic Air Quality Solutions     Office in Doha, QATAR

Today’s architects are faced with a difficult task – how best to design buildings that meet up-to-date energy codes while still keeping costs down and clients happy.  Advancements in filtration technology make it possible to conserve energy, improve indoor environmental quality, and dramatically reduce ongoing utility and ...

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