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EMS/ISO 14001 Support

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

ISO 14000 is an internationally recognized environmental management standard with its origins in sustainable development. While not for everyone, ISO 14001 certification may be appropriate for multi-national organizations or for those being required to obtain certification by their customers (e.g. suppliers to IBM, Ford, and GM). It may also ...

By-Product Synergy Services

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

In its most typical scenario, the By-Product Synergy (BPS) program brings together companies from diverse industries with dissimilar production processes to explore ways to convert by-products from one company into useful materials for another. Trinity provides a forum in which companies can meet, evaluates their inputs and outputs, and assists in ...

Climate Change Services

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

The accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the Earth’s atmosphere, created primarily through fossil fuel combustion, has resulted in global climate change, or global warming. With the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol and the development of regional GHG emissions trading schemes and voluntary registry programs in the United States, ...

Due Diligence Analysis

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

Our staff has performed due diligence analyses for industrial clients, financial institutions, and law firms as representatives of the buyer or seller during asset transfers. Trinity can design a due diligence program that can enhance the value of your transaction. Trinity understands that the purpose of conducting due diligence analyses is to ...

Environmental Outsourcing

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

Many industrial facilities with limited environmental compliance requirements have chosen not to dedicate existing staff or hire new staff to manage environmental compliance activities. Reasons include the substantial cost associated with having dedicated environmental compliance staff and the significant liability associated with assigning ...

Geology, Hydrology, and Hydrogeology Services

by ATOKA, Inc.     based in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA)

ATOKA has one of the most experienced and qualified departments of consulting Geologists and Hydrogeologists in the State of Arkansas. Experience talks, and ATOKA’s years of meeting project challenges and solving problems helps you on the front end, and sees you through to a successful project completion.

Environmental Site Assessments Services

by ATOKA, Inc.     based in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA)

Phase I, II, and III ESAs; ATOKA professionals are certified, registered and licensed in multiple disciplines to provide you the qualified and experienced assistance needed for every phase of your assessment, characterization and remediation projects. ATOKA provides the highest quality Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) ...

Enterprise Solutions

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

Today, businesses face tremendous pressure to perform – not just fiscally, but in the environmental and social arenas as well. There are unprecedented challenges in the areas of: Increased compliance demonstration burdens.Increased public interest in environmental performance. Competitive pressure to optimize operations.

EH&S Custom Compliance Solutions

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

Commercial software doesn’t meet all of the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) information management needs of every company. There are times when an organization’s budget,timeframe, or objectives dictate an individualized system. T3, a Trinity Consultants company, provides custom compliance solutions that give EH&S and ...

Environmental Services

by Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.     Office in Anchorage, ARKANSAS (USA)

Our cumulative set of experiences and personnel have made us one of the West Coast's top contractors for marine and upland environmental services.We provide a wide array of marine services, including: day-to-day spill prevention, emergency oil spill response, and derelict vessel services. We also offer upland services, including: demolition, soil ...

Environmental Consulting and Training Group

by First Response, Inc.     Office in ARKANSAS (USA)

The Environmental Consulting and Training arm of First Response Environmental Group is being grown around the principle that First Response wants to handle all of the environmental challenges of a client, not just certain problems. Our team believes that the job is not over until the client is satisfied and the challenges of the environmental ...

Watershed Assessment and Management Services

by GBMc Strategic Environmental Services     based in Bryant, ARKANSAS (USA)

GBMc & Associates has significant experience in the area of watershed management.  Detailed watershed analysis and characterization studies have been completed to identify causes/sources of stream corridor disturbance and potential measures to restore natural conditions and protect water quality.  Experience includes; point ...

Hazardous Waste Management Services

by Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB & I)     Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA)

CB&I successfully manages wastes of all types, including radioactive, mixed, hazardous and sanitary. We have worked closely with federal, state and local regulators to ensure safety and compliance in the handling, processing, treating, transporting and disposal of these wastes.CB&I has dispositioned millions of tons of radioactive wastes ...

Solid Waste Services

by Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB & I)     Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA)

One of the largest providers of integrated solid waste services in the U.S., CB&I has a national network of offices and experience at hundreds of landfills and transfer stations. We provide a single point of responsibility for engineering, design-build construction, equipment fabrication, landfill products, and operations and maintenance of a ...

Natural Resources Services

by Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB & I)     Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA)

Applying decades of environmental management experience, CB&I works with customers to protect and rebuild natural resources.We help our customers address complex environmental issues, characterize existing conditions, evaluate facilities and assess environmental impacts, enhance environmental compatibility and develop effective mitigation ...

Biological and Chemical Monitoring

by Cook Inlet RCAC     based in Kenai, ARKANSAS (USA)

In 1991, the Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC) initiated steps to develop and manage a comprehensive environmental monitoring program for Cook Inlet. The goal of this program is to determine if oil-industry operations in Cook Inlet are having adverse effects on the surrounding ecosystem and, if so, to document their sources, magnitude, and ...

Engineered Solutions

by BakerCorp     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

Today's complex filtration applications require much more than knowledge of specialty media Filtration technology. A true solution provider should also have extensive knowledge of the characteristics of the contaminants, environmental laws and regulations, hazardous material management and health and safety.

Emergency Response Services

by Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, L.L.C. (CTEH)     based in North Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

Toxicology & Human Health Environmental Consultants:Timely toxicological information and guidance is a critical component in managing responses to chemical releases in the environment. CTEH’s Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP) is composed of highly trained professionals that respond to incidents utilizing the latest ...

EH&S Auditing Services

by Trinity Consultants     Office in Little Rock, ARKANSAS (USA)

The management of any facility requires a watchful eye to ensure regulations and procedures are followed and the intent of management is met. By conducting audits, companies can be assured that prescribed environmental and safety procedures are properly performed. It is an approach that makes good business sense. The lack of proper oversight can ...

GHG Management Services

by Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB & I)     Distributor in Hot Springs, ARKANSAS (USA)

Boasting extensive experience with projects involving greenhouse gas management services, CB&I’s integrated approach results in cost-effective and strategic solutions for our customers’ diverse needs. Our expertise includes facility-wide and fleet-wide greenhouse gas and ozone precursor emissions characterizations, environmental ...

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