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by TTI Production     based in Nîmes, FRANCE

Image processing and digital mapping applied to surface geology: Regional analysis and basin scale studies. Detailed geology and prospect scale studies. Photo-facies and texture analysis for litho-stratigraphy. Faults & fractures analysis. Dips and cartographic thickness computing. Advanced GIS technics applied to geology (SIGEOL®).

Hydrogeology Service

by ENVIGEO, a.s.     based in Banska Bystrica, SLOVAKIA

Commercial hydrogeology consists usually form services related to water resources management.  Our clients also require hydrogeological consultancy on installation and performance of  heat pumps. ENVIGEO’s qualified professionals provide technical and consultancy services through the whole range of these services. Although the ...

Engineering Geology Services

by geotomi     based in Palaio Faliro, GREECE

Engineering geological information is at the core of investigation of the structure and mechanical behaviour of the subsurface materials. In a broader sense, geological information provides invaluable material for the understanding of the structure, stability and mechanical behaviour of the shallow and deep ground formations and the role of ...

Mining Geology / Economic Geology Service

by ENVIGEO, a.s.     based in Banska Bystrica, SLOVAKIA

ENVIGEO was established in 1994 by professionals - mostly geologists - from previous state company Geological Survey. Geological Survey had monopoly on investigation of ore and industrial mineral deposits within the Slovakia before 1989. Though services provided by ENVIGEO have changed to much wider range since 1994, ENVIGEO still remains ...

Engineering Geology / Geotechnics Service

by ENVIGEO, a.s.     based in Banska Bystrica, SLOVAKIA

ENVIGEO provides a wide range of services in engineering geology and geotechnics.

Geology Services

by RIZZO Associates     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

RIZZO geologists and geoscientists have extensive experience in field and office studies for nuclear and hydroelectric power generation, dam siting and water resources, infrastructure, and mining market projects. These studies range from desktop reviews and reconnaissance field mapping to the implementation of comprehensive geological ...

Environment and Geology Services

by INYPSA SA     based in Madrid, SPAIN

The Environment Area is considered a pioneer in the performance of environmental studies and projects and is an obligatory reference point in the Spanish environmental consulting sector. As a company committed to the improvement of environmental quality, Inypsa provides integrated environmental advice, consulting and engineering services to a wide ...

Geotechnical Engineering, Geology and Dams

by Lahmeyer International GmbH     based in Bad Vilbel, GERMANY

Design and planning of dams, dykes and structures in rock based on taylor made investigations programms and applying state-of-the-art software and engineering methods. Confirmation of design during construction based on encountered site conditions and monitoring data.

Marine Geology and Coastal Processes

by Fugro EMU Limited     based in Portsmouth, UNITED KINGDOM

Fugro EMU Limited has a strong background in delivering professional environmental marine consultancy services related to coastal and marine geology. Fugro EMU’s consultant marine geologists and geoscientists have a wide range of industry and academic experience, including:

Horizon - Wellsite Professional Geology Consultants Services

by Horizon Well Logging, Inc.     based in Lompoc, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The number of truly expert wellsite geologists is limited.  Horizon retains a talent pool of geologists with a wealth of quality experience.  These are rare individuals who provide confidence in subsurface knowledge. Our background: a variety of sedimentary basins; many types of hydrocarbon plays; geothermal exploration in all kinds of ...

Soil Geology and Land Capability Planning Services

by JENA-GEOS-Ingenieurbüro GmbH     based in Jena, GERMANY

Survey and Assessment / Diagnosis according to national and international standards. Analysis and assessment of land potentials for sustainable land use / land utilization assessment according to FAO-standards. Soil protection and land utilization conceptions. Assessment of land degradation and climate impacts. Reclamation and recultivation of ...

Produced Water (Water from Oil Exploration)

by AWAS International GmbH     based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY

A new Wastewater Treatment by AWAS adapted to Geology. The changing way of oil production causes incremental amounts of water. This produced water has become a primary environmental issue in the oil industry.


by Norconsult AS     based in Sandvika, NORWAY

Planning of hydropower schemes from the preliminary analyses of hydrology, topography, geology and estimated power production, through detailed layout and design of all project components.

Geological Modelling

by GeoServ     based in Dublin , IRELAND

GeoServ provides expertise on the subsurface for sectors such as geothermal, oil and gas, minerals, groundwater and structural geology, with the objective of having a better understanding of the subsurface geology. The geological modelling is a supporting tool to provide a more comprehesive view of subsurface characteristics to aid in project ...

Geological, Drilling and Environment Protection Services

by Geofizyka Toruń S.A.     based in Toruń, POLAND

GT has been providing a wide range of variety drilling, geological, and environment protection services for various geological environments. The Company's staff ranges from experts in drilling, geology, hydrogeology and natural resource exploration.


by GeoTranslations     based in Fuengirola, SPAIN

Within the earth science space we translate a wide variety of materials associated with the following disciplines: (Oil & Gas,  Mining and  Mineral Exploration, Geophysics, Geotechnical Engineering, Geomorphology, Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology, etc.)

Bulk Sampling

by BAUER Resources GmbH     based in Schrobenhausen, GERMANY

Equipment: BAUER BG 28 H Kelly Rotary Drilling. Scope of work: Exploration of phosphate deposits Diameter of 780 mm Depth 72 m. Location: Northern Territory Australia. Geology: Very strong granite with UCS up to 100 MPa and apatite rare earths.


by BAUER Resources GmbH     based in Schrobenhausen, GERMANY

Equipment: BAUER BG 36 R/C Drilling. Scope of work: Exploration of kimberlite deposits Diameter of 1,200 mm Depth 360 m. Location: Fort a la Corne region in Saskatoon, Canada. Geology: Kimberlite of an average thickness of 88 m underneath 90 metres of glacial overburden.

Restoration & Biodiversity Services

by Imerys     based in Paris, FRANCE

The locations of our mining operations are determined by geology. On those sites, we strive to protect biodiversity as we carry out our activities. Our mining sites and quarries are restored as operations progress, often contributing to the conservation of fauna and flora species.

Sustainable Development Services

by Research Planning, Inc.     based in Columbia, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

We draw on our understanding of geology, ecology, and informatics for sustainable, intelligent, and science-based integration of the human-built environment with natural settings. We offer services in the following areas: Coastal Zone Management. Engineering Support. Coastal Geomorphology Studies. Offshore and Alternative Energy Development. ...

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