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hardness treatment services

  • Hard Water Treatment Services

    Hard water treatment is made easy at Fluid Dynamics, the first choice for a range of solutions to any water problems that you may be experiencing, including pipe blocking due to water hardness.  We specialise in water softening with an array of innovative ideas.

    By Fluid Dynamics International Ltd based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Other Inspection and Testing Services

    Gulf Scope provides a variety of inspection services for wide range of industries and fields as: Loading supervision. Vendor surveillance. Thickness measurement by UT. Painting and coating inspection. Corrosion inspection. Predictive maintenance inspection. Pressure equipment (pressure vessels, knock out drum, heat exchanger,....etc). Calibration ...

    By Gulf Scope Emirates based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Inspection & Testing Service line

  • Heat Treatment Services

    To change the mechanical properties of metals, they undergo heat treatment. In our high-performance heat treatment ovens we can heat and cool the steel according to your needs and requirements. Thanks to the heat treatment the steel obtains important properties: hardness and toughness. We reduce the internal stress, eliminate structural ...

    By BRÜCK GmbH based in Saarbrücken-Ensheim, GERMANY.

  • Nickel Coating

    High gloss and hardness. Galvanic nickel coating creates a layer with a characteristic high gloss and hardness. These nickel layers are therefore used as a decorative surface layer or as a functional coating with high demands on corrosion resistance and mechanical wear.

    By PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s. based in Velká Bíteš, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Surface Treatments Service line

  • Carbonitriding

    Bluewater’s Carbonitriding is a surface hardening process that provides a thin, high hardness case on lower hardenability steels. This thermochemical treatment diffuses both carbon and nitrogen into the surface of the component simultaneously. The use of nitrogen to increase the hardenability of the carburized case allows plain carbon or ...

    By Bluewater Thermal Solutions based in Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Heat Treating Services Service line

  • Heat Treatment Services

    Critical and required parameters for strength and hardness values are achived by the professional and efficient heat treatment. Heat treatment is the part of the process that facilitates the forming of the material for a given state. To ensure the high quality, effectiveness and continuous development, we have a wide range of heat treatment ...

    By LeinoCast Oy based in Salo, FINLAND.

  • Identification Services of Filaments

    Identification of Filaments; The Silver Level is $350.00 and consist of: A review of major and minor filaments as well as polysaccharide sliming. Precise explanation of their presence. Review of other life forms in the system, including algae. Treatment recommendations. Results returned by e-mail and hard copy. 3-4 day turnaround. View Sample ...

    By AQUAFIX, Inc. based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA). from Wastewater Testing & Services Service line

  • Hardening

    What is hardening? Bluewater’s hardening methods enlist a wide variety of heat treatment techniques in which we increase the hardness, strength, and fatigue life of metal parts and components via surface hardening and through hardening. There are several different methods and types of equipment that can be used to neutral harden or case ...

    By Bluewater Thermal Solutions based in Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Heat Treating Services Service line

  • Water Softeners Services

    Hardness in water is caused by naturally occuring salts of calcium and magnesium which are found in varying degrees in all water sources. The higher the concentration of the salts the 'harder' the water is. Hard water not only makes washing with soap and detergent more difficult and costly but also produces scale/limescale when heated. Heating ...

    By Three Counties Water Ltd based in Bolnhurst, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PBS - Aluminum Anodizing

    Resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance of the material. Anodizing (anodic oxidation) is an aluminum surface treatment that is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance as well as important functional properties, depending on the type of anodizing (hardness, abrasion resistance). The fully automated line with the option of recording the ...

    By PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s. based in Velká Bíteš, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Surface Treatments Service line

  • Turnkey Services

    Our design engineers work in close cooperation with the clients right from the start. In the engineering phase we ensure that the designed component is both technically and economically possible to create, and the selected material is align with the costs and planned features. The flexible co-operation makes the whole delivery chain more efficient ...

    By LeinoCast Oy based in Salo, FINLAND.

  • Surface Treatments Services

    MFB is able to provide water meter bodies with protective coating such as: Galvanic processings: Anodizing: surface oxidation (of different type and hardness) performed on aluminum parts to impart hardness and corrosion resistance. Nickel-plating: electrolytic processing with deposits of a thin layer of nickel to obtain hardness and corrosion ...

    By MFB di Bonomi Eliseo & C. snc based in Lumezzane, ITALY.

  • Swimming Pools

    Hidritec makes a large amount of services for swimming pools and spas not only in continuous monitoring, if not in punctual jobs. Characterization of the water A Technical Study of the Quality of the Water. It includes analysis, quality of the water, Langelier index, hardness, alkalinity and solids in suspension. Proposals for a suitable ...

    By Hidritec based in Gijón - Asturias, SPAIN.

  • Algae Treatment Services

    Industry-standard products are applied to ponds which have excessive algal growth. ILM works to minimize the concentration and frequency of treatment. Chelating agents are used in accordance with guidelines established by the Illinois Water Survey. All chemicals used by ILM are EPA registered and safe for aquatic use. It is desirable to limit the ...

    By Integrated Lakes Management based in Waukegan, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Hardness Testing Services

    Hardness testing measures a material’s strength by determining resistance to penetration. The hardness test is extremely useful in material selection because it provides a hardness value which indicates how easily a material can be machined and how well the material will wear. Hardness testing is also valuable in making decisions about ...

    By Laboratory Testing Inc. based in Hatfield, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Mechanical Testing Service line

  • Heat Treatment Services

    Heat treatment of precision investment castings is a metal processing technology to ontain expected properties by heating, warming and cooling. Heat treatment is one of the main technologies during investment casting process. After heat treatment, it will not change the shape and whole compositions of investment castings, but will endow or improve ...

    By CFS Investment Casting based in Ningbo, CHINA.

  • Water Treatment Services

    Water supplies vary significantly in terms of quality and chemical make-up. Many supplies require treatment to ensure the quality meets the standard required for the building. Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) can facilitate a variety of water treatment options including: Water Softeners to treat hard water (Lime), Water Filters, Copper Silver ...

    By Environmental Services Ireland based in Co. Cork, IRELAND.

  • Biological Installations for Industrial Plants

    Anaerobic & aerobic treatment of industrial wastewater. Arrow Ecology’s treatment can be used to treat nearly every type of wastewater that contains biodegradable organic matter.

    By Arrow Ecology Ltd based in Haifa, ISRAEL. from Wastewater and Sludge Treatment Service line

  • Cleaning & Decontamination Services

    TIL undertakes Industrial Cleaning, Facility and Land Decontamination. TIL in conjunction with her international partners (CREST ENVIRONMENTALS-UK) also carry out TEL and highly poisonous chemical System de-contamination.TIL is also involved in CFC/HCFC Recovery and Reclamation from Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) cabinets like Chillers, Air ...

    By The Initiates Plc., (TIP) based in Port Harcourt, NIGERIA.

  • Phase Three Remediation and Validation

    If significant levels of contamination are identified by the Phase One and Two investigations, developments do not necessarily stop. A site specific Remediation Method Statement can be designed, which, subject to LPA approval, can allow development to proceed. Methods of remedial works can include the following: Excavation and replacement, ...

    By A F Howland Associates based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Geotechnical Services Service line

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