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HPLC MS services

  • Alfa Chemistry - Analytical Services

    Alfa Chemistry offers analytical characterization services to our clients worldwide. Our broad portfolio of analytical methods includes HPLC(-MS), CE, GC(-MS), FT-IR, NMR, XRD, DSC, ICP, particle size determination, and many more. Additionally, we perform microbiological tests s and quantify bioburden and endotoxin.Services • Chemical Analytical ...

    By Alfa Chemistry based in Holtsville, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Method Development Services

    Accurate, robust and efficient methods result in both high throughput and high quality sample analyses. Our services can help lead the way to more productive methods and improved quality of results.As well as our scheduled 1-day GC & GC-MS Method Development and 1-day HPLC & LC-MS Method Development courses, we can provide method development or ...

    By Anthias Consulting Ltd. based in Papworth Everard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Consulting Service line

  • Method Development and Validation Services

    Validation of an analytical procedure is an essential process in the GMP analysis of a pharmaceutical product.  This can include Limit tests for the control of impurities and  quantitative tests of the active in drug products.  Validation parameters as set out by the International Committee on Harmonisation (ICH) are ...

    By Activation Laboratories Ltd. based in Ancaster, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Pharmaceutical Services Service line

  • Chromalytic Maintenance Services

    Support for HPLC, GC, GC-MS, and LC-MS. Supported brands include: Agilent, Waters, Perkin Elmer, Thermo, Dionex, AKTA. Trained by experts: The industry-leading engineer training program. Technicians trained to minimum of degree level; demonstrating extensive skills and many years’ experience as professional scientific service engineers. ...

    By Chromalytic Ltd. based in Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Custom Peptide Synthesis

    Creative-Peptides is a leading supplier of custom peptide APIs, full spectrum of high quality custom peptide synthesis services from high throughput peptide library/array synthesis to high quality bulk API peptides, bioactive catalog peptides and cosmetic peptides. As one of the world's largest producers of synthetic peptides, Creative-Peptides ...

    By Creative Peptides based in Shirley, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Method Development Services

    We specialize in customized separations solutions based on your needs. Our experts take on projects involving; HPLC, UHPLC, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, SPE method development and optimization, as well as sample preparation, impurity isolations, chiral screening, and small to medium scale purifications.

    By Phenomenex, Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Contaminated Land

    i2 Analytical provide a wide range of analysis designed specifically to meet the requirements of Contaminated Land specialists including Remediation experts, Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants, Engineering Consultants, Redevelopment Contractors and Site Investigators. Our specialist contaminated land laboratories are well equipped with ...

    By i2 Analytical Ltd based in Watford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Analytical Services Service line

  • cGMP Pharmaceutical Testing and Analysis

    MAS is an ISO 17025 DEA registered cGMP laboratory. We offer accredited analytical testing services and client specified research and method development to the pharmaceutical industry. MAS tests raw materials and formulation excipients and can also implement specific compendial methods as well as perform Certificate of Analysis (COA) verification. ...

    By Materials Analytical Services, LLC (MAS) based in Suwanee, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Laboratory

    Our laboratory group specializes in the drinking water field and only conducts research and process evaluations, although we are certified for drinking water analyses and certified for organics and inorganics. Our laboratory specializes in state-of-the-art analysis not being conducted by routine laboratories. As an example, we are currently ...

    By Environmental Engineering & Technology, Inc. based in Newport News, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles

    ESC supports SW846, SDWA, CWA, ASTM and numerous state program specific methods. Our state of the art organic instrumentation includes over 40 GC/MS, 35 GC and 4 HPLC. Some of the most frequently requested methods we support include 504, 524, 552, 624, 602, 625, 8011, 8260, 8260 low level, 8270, 8270 SIM, 8015, 8310, 8330 and RSK175. Some of our ...

    By Environmental Science Corp. based in Mt. Juliet, TENNESSEE (USA). from Organic Analyses Service line

  • Bioanalytical Analysis Services

    Actlabs Biotech Scientists, in conjunction with our Bioanalytical Research staff  employ a variety of techniques in order to develop, validate  and conduct many different bioanalytical sample analyses. Working with either Pre-clinical or Clinical study Directors, Actlabs staff will utilize existing in-house methods or will develop ...

    By Activation Laboratories Ltd. based in Ancaster, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Biotechnology Services Service line

  • Method Development and Validation

    GEOAnalytical can provide method validation and development based upon your specific project needs. We can design a protocol to satisfy your intended purpose or requirements, or implement protocols for validation supplied by your staff. We can refine or modify existing methods to better meet your analytical requirements and validate them if ...

    By GEOAnalytical, Inc based in Twinsburg, OHIO (USA).

  • Alfa Chemistry - Peptide Synthesis

    Alfa Chemistry provides synthetic peptides with a wide range of labels, scales, purities and delivery time options to meet your research needs. We ensures that each custom peptide is triple checked for quality via both mass spectrometry(MS) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyses after each step during peptide purification and ...

    By Alfa Chemistry based in Holtsville, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Determination of Amino Acid Composition

    Creative Proteomics can help you to determine the amino acid composition of various samples you submit. As the basic brick for peptides and proteins ,the amino acids are quite important because of the significance of protein/peptide physiological functions. Meanwhile the amino acid composition and levels are essential for nutrition and status of ...

  • Protein Testing Services

    Actlabs Biotech and Bioanalytical scientists employ a variety of platforms to assist with analysis of proteins, peptides and antibodies. Actlabs Biotechnology will continue to add to our portfolio of technologies available for Protein analysis. Current methods and techniques include :

    By Activation Laboratories Ltd. based in Ancaster, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Biotechnology Services Service line

  • Reference Substances - Customized for Individual Analytical Processes

    Well-characterized reference substances make a crucial contribution to the accuracy of analyses in the pharmaceutical industry. Solvias provides a comprehensive service for reference substances of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals:

    By Solvias AG based in Kaiseraugst, SWITZERLAND. from Analytical Services Service line

  • Method Development & Validation Services

    Eutech Scientific Services has over two decades of experience in method development and validation. Our expert technical staff enables us to develop and validate specialized methods of analysis for a number of products. We adhere to GLP guidelines of FDA. Our state of the art laboratory is equipped to meet all your analytical needs. Eutech ...

    By Eutech Scientific Services Inc based in Highland Park, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Protein Method Development and Validation Services

    At Solvias, we perform complete analytical development programs across our multidisciplinary laboratory infrastructure at our Kaiseraugst site. We understand that you need to progress rapidly and cost effectively at the early stage of drug development. Here, our extensive experience saves you time and we can normally apply generic methods to your ...

    By Solvias AG based in Kaiseraugst, SWITZERLAND. from Biopharmaceutical Analysis Service line

  • Pharmaceutical Release Testing Services

    To support your commercial product and clinical trial material relase testing needs, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories offers the capacity and breadth of capabilities to test your drug substance, drug product or in-process materials in a timely manner.We test materials against specification for identity, potency, impurities, physical properties and ...

    By Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc based in Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Pharmaceutical Service line

  • Consultancy Services

    We understand that each business may have an individual approach that sometimes requires a unique solution. We have technical experts who can help and will work with you to develop a software solution which can fully integrate with your workflow and processes.

    By SpectralWorks Ltd based in Runcorn, UNITED KINGDOM.

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