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limescale services

  • Limescale Prevention Solutions

    Hydropath technology uses an AC electrical signal to prevent the formation of limescale deposits on the surfaces of pipes and equipment. Limescale is formed from calcium carbonate dissolved in the water in the form of electrically charged ions. When the state of the water changes (the temperature increases or the pressure decreases) then the water ...

    By Hydropath Technology Ltd. based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Acid Cleaning Services

    Acid cleaning to remove limescale caused by hard water is dangerous and harmful to equipment. Fluid Dynamics scale prevention products can often cause  previously formed scale in systems and equipment to be redissolved back into the water eliminating the need to use acid for cleaning.

    By Fluid Dynamics International Ltd based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Scale Prevention Service Contracts

    ECMI now offers Scale Prevention Service Contracts! Does your organization have specific appliances or equipment which suffer from excessive maintenance issues regarding limescale?Are you currently paying for a service contract to de-lime your equipment?Do you have, or think you need a water softener, and would like a better alternative? If you ...

    By Environmental Controls & Methods, Inc. (ECMI) based in Whitefish Bay, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Legionella Control/Disinfection

    Through our experience in working for companies and industrial environments we take care for our customers for legionella or bacterial hazards. For example: Water from coolingtowers, Process water from food industries. Our goal is the preparation of sustainable systems for our clients decreasing the risks of legionella and bacterial growth. Issues ...

    By Verhoeve Milieu & Water based in Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • Chemical Cleaning Services

    Some contaminants are difficult to remove using high pressure. Rust, limescale and some product residue can be better removed by dissolving them using a chemical product. This technique is called chemical cleaning. Smet Jet NV has many years of experience in cleaning using chemicals (and also in surface treatment) of industrial contaminated ...

    By Smet Jet NV based in Oevel, BELGIUM.

  • Hard Water Problems

    Hard water problems are easily solved with help from Fluid Dynamics, providing solutions for corrosion, furred up pipes, clogged pipes and limescale problem descaling.  Here at Fluid Dynamics, we offer a wide range of solutions for all manner of hard water problems in order to make it more suitable for everyday activities such as laundry and ...

    By Fluid Dynamics International Ltd based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Waste Water Chemicals Services

    Antech-Gütling is a distributor of all commonly used chemicals required for the operation of wastewater and process water plants. These include scale inhibitors which protect pipes, pumps, tanks and filter columns from gypsum and limescale deposits. The programme also includes bactericides which fight microorganisms, fungi and algae as well ...

    By Antech Gütling Wassertechnologie GmbH based in Fellbach, GERMANY.

  • Water Softeners Services

    Hardness in water is caused by naturally occuring salts of calcium and magnesium which are found in varying degrees in all water sources. The higher the concentration of the salts the 'harder' the water is. Hard water not only makes washing with soap and detergent more difficult and costly but also produces scale/limescale when heated. Heating ...

    By Three Counties Water Ltd based in Bolnhurst, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Descaling Services

    In the UK today, much of the population (approximately 60%) is supplied with hard water or very hard water. Whether water is soft, hard or very hard, depends on the level of various salts in the water. In particular calcium and magnesium carbonate, these occur naturally in fresh water.

    By AA Chemical Cleaning Company Limited based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Descaling Services Service line

  • Water Softening

    In this application, ion-exchange resins are used to replace the magnesium and calcium ions found in hard water with sodium ions. When the resin is fresh, it contains sodium ions at its active sites. When in contact with a solution containing magnesium and calcium ions (but a low concentration of sodium ions), the magnesium and calcium ions ...

    By Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co.,ltd based in Suzhou City, CHINA.

  • Sanitary& Water Technology Services

    Fancy seaside: Now you can enjoy bathing culture at its finest. We will help you with skillful planning and sophisticated design, To realize your dream bathroom. Matching colors, perfectly placed lighting and harmonizing with the room size bathroom range help to create bathroom comfort in every detail.

    By Keiltec GmbH based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • Boiler Repair

    Regularly boiler maintenance will prolong the life of your boiler and improve efficiency, saving you money. Over the years sludge can build up within the system making it work harder, causing it to be inefficient and expensive to keep. A planned maintenance will flush the system, removing the sludge and other deposits, your gas engineer will also ...

    By Waltham Technologies, Inc. based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Legionella Prevention Services

    Legionnaires’ Disease is caused by aerobic, warmth-loving bacteria that occur naturally. Particularly common (approx. 80 %) is the pathogen of the so-called “Legionnaires’ Disease”, Legionella pneumophila, which was only discovered as recently as 1976. In high-risk patients, this can cause inflammation of the lungs that can ...

    By JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH based in Winnenden, GERMANY. from Legionella Prevention Services Service line

  • Jens Löwe - Proper Cleaning Services

    That depends on the soiling, the position of the system and your level of practice. By way of a guide you should need about one hour to clean 100 m2 or 10 kW. This is a rough estimate which may differ from the actual performance (e.g. if the soiling is particularly severe).

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