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natural capital services

  • Customized Academic Data and Tools

    Trucost provides customized data and tools for academics - offering access to the world’s most comprehensive natural capital metrics.  We support academics with thematic research, such as sector-specific resource constraints or environmental disclosure in emerging markets. Our data is used by some of the world’s leading academic ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Academic Services Service line

  • Banks Services

    For banks, natural capital risk is mainly focused in lending and financing activities – yet few banks are actively managing this systemic risk. We help banks identify, monitor and report natural capital risk embedded in financing activities as a result of growing natural resource pressures and increasing environmental regulation. Our data ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Investors Service line

  • Trucost EBoard for Natural Capital Metrics

    Our natural capital metrics are now available through EBoard; the first investment tool to comprehensively assess the natural resource dependencies and environmental costs of companies and their supply chains. EBoard helps investors to navigate the complexities of natural capital investment factors with robust company and portfolio analysis that ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Investors Service line

  • Solutions 4 Sustainability (S4S)

    Accelerating Your Small Business Programs; Solutions 4 Sustainability (S4S) is a suite of innovative and easy-to-use resources and educational programs designed to help you unlock long-term energy and cost savings for small businesses in your community. Traditional energy efficiency programming has focused on audits, rebates and ...

    By Natural Capitalism Solutions based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Consulting Services

    NCS helps clients implement innovative yet pragmatic solutions to corporate sustainability challenges. Our approach is grounded in corporate reality, helping clients seize opportunities, increase profitability and create competitive advantage while responding to pressing global challenges. Through our work, NCS has consulted for companies ...

    By Natural Capitalism Solutions based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Data Services

    We provide the world’s most comprehensive natural capital data covering 93% of global markets by market capitalization to help investors embed natural capital considerations within traditional investment analysis. Natural capital impacts are often concealed within global supply chains. We use advanced environmental modelling to reveal ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Investors Service line

  • Natural Capital Dependencies & Accounting Services

    Does your business know how dependent it is upon natural resources? In a climate and resource stressed world, do you have a clear picture of which natural systems and ‘ecosystem services’ you use?  These processes are the systems that build life and keep us in food and maintain the conditions for life on earth, as well as ...

    By Strategic Environmental Consulting Limited (SEC) based in Histon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Risk Management and Footprinting Service line

  • Academic Research Portal Services

    Trucost’s academic research portal provides you with the data and tools to integrate natural capital analysis into your teaching curricula. Our global Environmental Register of natural capital metrics is now available through our academic research portal - and enhanced by analytical tools to help support your research and teaching ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Academic Services Service line

  • Investment Products

    Our data drives investment products from leading fund managers that deliver financial performance – with up to 50% reduced natural capital risk. We work with index providers, fund managers and pension funds to develop investment products that deliver financial performance alongside reduced risk from growing natural resource pressures and ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Investors Service line

  • Government

    Trucost helps Governments and associated agencies demonstrate best practice in reducing natural capital dependency.

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Others Service line

  • Portfolio Audits Services

    Portfolio audits help you to quickly assess the natural capital implications of investment portfolios though the traditional lens of portfolio attribution analysis. Our portfolio audits provide a comprehensive understanding of natural capital risk and opportunity at portfolio level or across consolidated holdings – including comparison to ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Investors Service line

  • Natural & Social Capital Services

    Resource Dimensions’ principals have worked on identifying and quantifying the economic impacts and benefits generated by non-market goods and services provided by nature since the mid-1980’s. Much of our work has focused on assessing the wide-ranging benefits using economic valuation techniques to address issues as the full-cycle ...

    By Resource Dimensions based in Gig Harbor, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Public-Private Partnerships & Resource Solutions Service

    The Horinko Group is comprised of subject matter experts with backgrounds ranging from political appointees to niche regulatory advisors and natural capital investment specialists. Our group is uniquely qualified to provide targeted advice to financial institutions, investment research groups, and institutional investors on specific regulatory ...

    By The Horinko Group based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA).

  • Government & Community Programs

    As a leader in sustainability, NCS works with a global network of governments, and communities to develop sustainable strategies and solutions through consulting, research and partnerships. The NCS team’s innovative project approaches help clients navigate the ever changing global landscape, showing them how to increase profitability, create ...

    By Natural Capitalism Solutions based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Curriculum Development

    Hunter Lovins has joined Gregory Miller and Dr. Eric Berlow, to create the madrone project. The madrone project plans to curate and produce modular, flexible and rigorous micro-courses that complement today’s now-traditional sustainability programs, offering affordable and accessible content to a broader population of entrepreneurial change ...

    By Natural Capitalism Solutions based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Support Services

    As you would know all plants and equipment have to be maintained and serviced to slow down the aging process. To have your water treatment plant serviced by an EUWA specialist is a prudent and low cost method which will maximise the life span of this major capital asset!. Naturally we are also able to provide plant service without an ongoing ...

    By EUWA H.H. Eumann GmbH based in Gärtringen, GERMANY.

  • Ecosystem Services

    Nature is becoming more valuable as natural resources become increasingly scarce. Without making this connection, companies open themselves up to additional business risks while overlooking new opportunities for revenue. Recent actions taken by federal and provincial governments show that a comprehensive management approach to land management is ...

    By Silvacom Ltd. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Ecosystem Services

    The efficient management of our use of natural resources, maintaining our impact within the carrying capacity of the environment and achieving our carbon output reduction goals.

    By Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Low Carbon Innovation Service line

  • Environmental Engagement Services

    We provide customized, data driven solutions to ensure your environmental engagement programmes are well informed and focused in the right areas. We provide company briefings summarizing issues for engagement, supported by data on how the company’s performance compares to peers and sector benchmarks, to ensure your engagement programmes are ...

    By Trucost Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Investors Service line

  • Water Hygene Disinfections Services

    Online DisinfectionsIn the prevention and control of legionella bacteria, chlorine dioxide has taken an eminent roll. The specific characteristics of the disinfectant make sure chlorine dioxide can succeed where others fail.BiofilmsBiofilm on the pipe surfaces can protect legionella from chlorine based disinfectants. Chlorine dioxide however ...

    By Phase Technology Limited based in Ropley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Service line

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