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Noise Exposure services

  • Noise Exposure Evaluation and Control

    Simply stated, noise is unwanted sound. It is well documented that as sound levels increase so does hearing loss as well as other undesirable health effects. Additionally, noise can interfere with communication which can result in accidents (particularly around moving equipment), reduced productivity, and increased error rates

    By 1Source Safety and Health, Inc. based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Noise Exposure Monitoring and Control Surveys

    Pacific EH&S professionals conduct sound level surveys and noise exposure monitoring in varying occupational and community environments. Such surveys are performed using noise monitoring equipment that includes audio dosimeters and/or sound level meters. The dosimeters allow us to record employee 8-hour time-weighted average exposures to noise ...

    By Pacific EH&S Services, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Workplace Noise Exposure Monitoring Services

    For the past 28 years plus Acoustical Systems, Inc. has developed procedures to establish the occupational noise exposure as required by OSHA regulation. These procedures measure the exposure level from various types of noise, such as continuous, pure tones, and impulse noise. Reporting is in accordance with the latest OSHA and ANSI Standard ...

    By Acoustical Systems, Inc. based in Vandalia, OHIO (USA).

  • Occupational Noise Services

    Occupational noise or workplace noise is becoming a more discussed issue as studies find the implication of long term  high noise environments on people’s hearing. There is an upper exposure action value of 85 dB (A) where there must be action taken to reduce the noise levels, hearing protection must be worn and access restricted. There ...

    By Emerald Environmental Services based in Celbridge, IRELAND. from Noise Service line

  • Health and safety

    Decree n° 2006-892 July 19th 2006 transposing the European directive 2003/10/CE fixing the limiting levels of exposure to the noise of the workers.

    By DB Vib Technologies based in Vienne, FRANCE. from Noise Service line

  • Industrial Monitoring Services

    Industrial processes that involve the use of chemicals, or are associated with physical hazards, can be assessed using both on-site and laboratory monitoring techniques. DirectCIH has many direct-reading instruments and long experience in acquiring solid data quickly.

    By DirectCIH based in Pell City, ALABAMA (USA). from Exposure Assessment Service line

  • Initial Site Evaluation Services

    An initial site evaluation may be due to an illness, spill, or accident. It may be a proactive measure or regulatory requirement in an uneventful industrial setting. Workplace exposures occur under many circumstances. Identifying these exposures involves recognition of causes.

    By DirectCIH based in Pell City, ALABAMA (USA). from Exposure Assessment Service line

  • Consultancy, Acoustic Surveys & Noise Measurement Services

    Today there is an ever increasing awareness of the harmful effects of noise pollution, both at work and in our everyday environment.Being an independent consultancy we are able to give impartial advice and we aim to provide the most practical and cost effective acoustic solutions. Noise assessments are carried out by our competent acousticians who ...

    By NoiseAir Ltd. based in Lutterworth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Testing Service line

  • Noise Risk Assessment – Noise at Work Regulations

    We will carry out a Noise Risk Assessment  to ensure that noise levels within your workplace are within the legal requirements to comply with the Noise at Work Regulations (2005). The need to carry out a Noise Risk Assessment is now regulatory in most places of work, both industrial or commercial, including: Factories – Offices – ...

    By NoiseAir Ltd. based in Lutterworth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Testing Service line

  • Noise Testing & Measurement Services

    We carry out all types of Noise Testing… Environmental Noise Impact Surveys: Noise Testing carried out often in preparation of a planning application that requires a noise reportClipboard 3, Noise impact from new industrial plant & machinery, Traffic, rail and aircarft impact noise, Liaison with local planning authorities, Fast track ...

    By NoiseAir Ltd. based in Lutterworth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Testing Service line

  • Planning Applications & Conditions Services

    Many proposed developments require a noise/vibration survey and detailed assessment reports to support the planning application in order to ensure that adequate protection is provided for existing and future residents by minimising noise and vibration impact. Noise impact assessments are normally requested by a Planning Officer or by the Local ...

    By Hodgson & Hodgson Group Ltd (Ipswich) based in Old Dalby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Survey and Assessment Service line

  • Workplace Noise and OSHA Analyses Services

    Workplace noise regulations are intended to protect workers against long-term hearing loss. We offer monitoring and testing services to determine noise dose and time-weighted average exposure to workplace noise. Multiple monitoring options are available, including a 'remote-monitoring' service th

    By Vibro-Acoustic Consultants (VACC) Inc based in San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Vibration and Noise Monitoring Services Service line

  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Services

    Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a widespread industrial disease affecting tens of thousands of workers which can cause vibration-induced white finger (VWF). Attacks are painful and can result in the loss of the ability to grip properly. Any vibrating tool or process which causes tingling or numbness after 5-10 minutes is suspect. Where ...

    By Ethos Environmental Ltd. based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise & Vibration Services Service line

  • Asbestos Identification

    To be sure your workplace is safe, contact the SGS asbestos management team for an asbestos identification service.

    By SGS based in Geneva 1, SWITZERLAND. from Air, Noise, Odor and Vibration Service line

  • Noise and Vibration Monitoring

    AXIS environmental services carry out noise and vibration monitoring and assessment. All environmental monitoring is undertaken in accordance with: ISO 1996: Acoustics Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise. BS 4142: Method for rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas. The EPA publication Guidance Note ...

    By Axis Environmental Services based in Limerick, IRELAND. from Noise and Vibration Monitoring Services Service line

  • Exposure Monitoring

    We believe organizations assume excessive amounts of risk by not investing in proper workplace Health & Safety programs. Many organizations face requirements by local and federal governments to ensure compliance with specific working standards. To meet these objectives, EXP has created a web-based software solution which addresses the major ...

    By Hazox Chemical Reporting Systems, Inc. based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Health Service line

  • Occupational Noise

    The 'Noise at Work Regulations, 2005' is quite clear as to the requirements and duties placed on employers with regard to the noise in their factories.   In conducting a risk assessment, we measure the levels of noise to which workers are exposed. We then assess whether any employees are exposed to noise at or above a lower exposure ...

    By Philip Dunbavin Acoustics (PDA) Ltd. based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM.


    We undertake walkthrough Noise Surveys to assess noise levels throughout your premises.In addition we can undertake Octave Band Assessments that assist in the choice of noise abatement equipment or PPE.Envirochem also can assess daily exposure with personal dosimeters to give an accurate sample per individual.

    By Envirochem Analytical Laboratories LTD based in Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Noise Control

    Noise is one of the most widespread and underestimated of industrial hazards: exposure to excessive noise can cause deafness or ringing in the ear (Tinnitus). The Control of Noise at Work Regulations came into force on 6th April 2006, applicable to the majority of industry sectors within the UK. This new noise control legislation strengthens the ...

    By MECHON Limited based in Twickenham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Noise & Vibration

    VIBROCOMP provides measurement, prediction, modelling and mitigation measures for existing or future developments. Based on measurments and/or model calculations we can estimate the pollution levels from roads, highways, city trams, subways, railway lines, airports, and all kinds of industrial facilities and seaports. VIBROCOMP also provides ...

    By Vibrocomp Ltd based in Budapest, HUNGARY.

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