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Phase I Environmental Assessment Services

by Applied Geology is a Division of Xplor Ltd,     based in Kenilworth, UNITED KINGDOM

For many years advocated by Applied Geology as an essential element of the investigation process, desk studies are now routinely required by regulatory bodies as part of the Planning process. It is now commonly accepted that a thorough desk study, with associated walk-over, is essential in the preparation of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM), the ...

Phase I, II & III Due Diligence

by Rosengarten, Smith & Associates, Inc. (RSA)     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

Review of Public Records ,City Directories, Fire Insurance, Flood Plain, Zoning Maps and Facilities Records Aerial Photograph, Geologic, Topographic and Economic Map Applicable City, County, State and Federal Agency Files Site Inspections and Personal Interviews Facility and Adjacent Property Historic Land Use Determinations Building Material ...

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

by ERAtech Environmental, Inc.     based in Dayton, OHIO (USA)

A recent survey of major lenders indicated 70% of lending transactions are considered to present an environmental risk. This risk is attributible to the potential for the transfer of liability for cleanup costs as mandated by the Comprehensive Enviromnental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) should the lender become the owner of the ...

Phase I and II Site Assessment Service

by Shift Soil Remediation LLP     based in Uxbridge, UNITED KINGDOM

With the use of GPS tracking in the screening process, we are able to incorporate the data into a mapping application that gives a 3D representation of the site’s contamination. This procedure dramatically decreases the time it takes to get samples tested in a lab (from days to minutes), and at a fraction of the cost.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) Services

by Bureau Veritas Certification North America     based in BUFFALO, NEW YORK (USA)

The fast pace of the commercial real estate and investment industry requires rapid financial decisions. To protect against potential litigation and remediation costs associated with environmental issues, financial institutions and corporations require environmental information before making a financial commitment. Due diligence is the ...

EHS Due Diligence/Site Assessments (Phase I And Phase II)

by Ecovision     based in Warsaw, POLAND

Environmental and health and safety due diligence audits are scoped on identifying current and historical EHS issues and the future risks. At Ecovision we perform the assessments of potential environmental liabilities associated with industrial, residential and commercial assets to support our clients in merge and acquisition as well as ...

Phase I – Desk-top Study

by Remedios Ltd.     based in Aberdeenshire, UNITED KINGDOM

A Phase I (Desk-top) Study is the initial stage of any site investigation to characterise both the potential for contamination to be present and the geology of the site. The past and present activities of a site are examined to establish the potential for contamination and any geotechnical risk. This may be performed prior to selling or purchasing ...

Environmental Assessment Services

by GBK Partnership, LLC     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

GBK provides a full range of environmental assessment, site investigation and consulting services. Our abilities range from Phase I surveys to sample plan design to on-site evaluations of potential environmental, occupational health and safety risks and compliance aspects. GBK will apply established industry procedures to provide cost-effective ...

Compliance, Auditing and Sustainablitity

by GBK Partnership, LLC     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

A written compliance assurance program (CAP) establishes types of assessments and audits, reporting results to management, corrective actions, tracking status of open items, confidentiality of information, record retention, and roles and responsibilities. GBK compliance specialists will assist our clients in the development and implementation of ...

Assessment & Advice

by GEOSAN NV     based in Bruxelles, BELGIUM

Soil investigations: Phase I and Phase II Site Assessment, Site Characterisation and Risk assessment, Soil remediation projects. Soil investigation during earthworks. Examination of sediment from dredging and clearing activities. Hydro(geo)logical assessment: Installation of network of monitoring wells, Groundwater modeling, Distribution modeling. ...

Site Assessment & Remediation Services

by SENES Consultants India     based in ahmedabad, INDIA

Phase I / Phase II / Phase III Environmental Site Assessment. Site investigations to determine and evaluatecontaminant levels in air, soil and water. Modeling of contaminant migration through the environment to the humans. Clean up strategies and decommissioning plans. Design and Supervision of remedial activities.

Phase II – Intrusive Site Investigation

by Remedios Ltd.     based in Aberdeenshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Phase II Site Investigations require the collection and analysis of soil, water and gas samples from the site. This work is conducted in conjunction with a knowledge of the underlying geology and hydrology of the site. These investigations make use of the Phase I data to determine the sample frequency, location and depth. Upon collation of all the ...

Environmental Site Assessments Services

by WESA     based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA)

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a non-intrusive investigation into a property's current and historical environmental liabilities including the identification of actual or potential areas of environmental concern. The reasons for performing a Phase I ESA include: Real estate transactions. Insurance or mortgage renewal. Due ...

Environmental Site Assessments Services

by EnviroTech Environmental Services, Inc.     based in Stockbridge, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Phase I: This site assessment is conducted by examining local, state, and federal records to determine if the potential for environmental conditions exist. The site is also inspected and interviews are conducted with the owners and occupants of the property. All findings are reported to help determine if further inspection is necessary.

Environmental Site Assessments Service

by Environmental International Corporation (EIC)     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Conducted environmental site assessments related to property acquisition at several industrial facilities in New York, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia and Missouri. Conducted Phase I environmental audits to identify areas of concern. Conducted Phase II audits at selected locations to investigate the areas of concern. Developed and implemented ...

Site Assessments Services

by Walsh Environmental     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

We have an outstanding team of environmental scientists and investigators that assesses industrial, residential, commercial, and open space properties to evaluate environmental status and health. We benefit from an intimate knowledge of the federal, state, and local regulations, and employ up-to-date technologies (including satellite imagery and ...

Phase 1 Habitat Survey & Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

by Adonis Ecology Ltd.     based in Lavenham, UNITED KINGDOM

Scroll down for information on: What a Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Report from Adonis Ecology Can Do for You. What a Phase 1 Habitat Survey Typically Involves. What an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey Adonis Ecology Typically Includes. What Happens Next....

Environmental Site Assessments Services

by Sanexen Services Environnementaux Inc.     based in Brossard, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Sanexen conducts Phase I and II environmental site assessments on industrial, commercial and residential sites, and also provides environmental compliance verification (ECV) services. These types of studies are designed to create a portrait of the environmental situation for a specific site or activity at any given time.

Environment Site Assessment (E.S.A).

by Kryptone Consulting Limited     based in Nairobi, KENYA

Environmental risk management and due diligenceKryptone's staff understand the importance of identifying and managing environmental risk, and assist clients in achieving a number of objectives including:Assistance with environmental planning; Management and prioritization of issues;Assurance of compliance; Demonstration of due diligence; ...

Environmental Site Assessment

by Nova Consulting Group, Inc.     based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA)

An Environmental Site Assessment is conducted to identify potential environmental concerns related to on-site and off-site activities. A phased approach allows the clients to maximize the information obtained while minimizing costs. Nova begins with routine research and on-site reconnaissance. Subsequent phases of investigation further define ...

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