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pipe sealing services

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    Commissioning Services

    Commissioning of AERZEN machines at your premises is, of course, part of our services. Fast and competent. Our experienced AERZEN service technicians will commission the unit and will hand it over to you in turnkey condition.

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH based in Aerzen, GERMANY. from Field Service Service line

  • Engineers and Consultants Services

    Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation offers new pipe seals for various pressure and non-pressure pipes and manholes used in potable and waste water applications, as well as “no-dig” rehabilitation solutions for house connection pipes and sewers. Engineers and specifiers will now be able to source pipe seal and rehabilitation ...

    By Trelleborg Pipe Seals Duisburg GmbH based in Duisburg, GERMANY.

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    Small Pipeline Leak Detection Method

    The smallest leaks include damage to pipes in which the noise of the medium flowing out cannot be measured with acoustic location methods. This may be the case if there are hairline cracks where the amount of medium flowing out is too low to be measured or if there aren't any measuring points for noise sensors or if the points are too far away. To ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH based in Gütersloh, GERMANY. from Network Survey Service line

  • Curaflex With DPS

    Maximum security with optimum flexibility ? the new Doyma Curaflex system with DPS combines both. For 30 years, Doyma products have been reliably sealing pipes and cables. And now, the unique Doyma DPS is setting new standards in service duct technology.

    By DOYMA GmbH & Co. based in Oyten, GERMANY.

  • Construction and Renovation of Wastewater Installations

    Many of the wastewater installations constructed since the end of the 19th century in Europe need renovation after some 50 to 100 years of use. Some of these waste systems or parts of systems - pipes, manholes, water purification plants, catchment basins, oil and fat separators, digestion tanks, sludge settlement tanks and aeration tanks - can ...


  • Slip Lining Services

    Slip Lining is a cost effective trenchless rehabilitation method used to repair leaks or restore structural stability to water, sewer and storm sewer pipelines. Slip lining is performed on pipes ranging in diameter from 4 inches up to 42 inches and lengths of up to 5,000 feet. The Slip Lining process is completed by winching or pushing a new pipe ...

    By Ellingson Companies based in West Concord, MINNESOTA (USA). from Trenchless Solutions Service line

  • TUBOGEL - Flooding Process

    The TUBOGEL flooding process is a two-component –sealing system, which Geochemie Sanierungssysteme GmbH successfully uses since several years for sewer rehabilitation without digging. This method guarantees reliable and long-lasting sealing of pipe systems even if they are inaccessible or deeply angled, and expensive civil engineering ...

    By Geochemie Sanierungssysteme GmbH based in Taufkirchen, GERMANY.

  • Janssen Process Lateral Repair Services

    Injection Process for Structural Lateral Connection Rehab. Janssen Process is the only no-dig remedy addressing the underlying cause of lateral connection failures: inadequate bedding and structural support. A two-component resin is robotically pressure-injected into the cavities around a lateral, creating bedding that permanently eliminates root ...

    By Subtech GmbH based in Goch, GERMANY.

  • Filling of Casing Pipes

    Type of work: technology for protecting the pipe in the casing pipe system. Materials: ANTICOR Syntetix CF (Casing Filler) - technology for the protection of line pipes laid in casing pipes. ANTICOR CC (Casing Closure) - a sealing system for the ends of the casing pipe.

    By ANTICOR PPH Sp. z o.o. based in Wieliczka, POLAND.

  • Strengthening of Pipelines in Hydrocarbon Service

    The S-Wrap Pipe Repair Technique for Leakage Sealing and Strengthening offers proven products and systems engineered to avoid or reduce down time and costs of piping repair. Our range of repair products and techniques are designed to address specific problems with cost-effective, reliable, quality, engineered repair service coupled with their ...

    By Siddharth Enterprises based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Preventative Measures Against Structural Damage

    Pipes and cables are used to supply industrial plant, along with commercial and residential buildings. All too often the focus of attention is restricted to the function of water, gas, electricity or data supply. Little attention is given to the sealing and housing of the pipes and cables passing through the walls or ceilings until it is too late ...

    By DOYMA GmbH & Co. based in Oyten, GERMANY.

  • ePIPE - Epoxy Pipe Lining - The Repiping Alternative

    If you are experiencing pinhole leaks, failing copper, low water flow, discolored water or lead and copper contaminants- there is a new, non-invasive solution. ePIPE allows technicians to dry and clean the pipes while applying the patented ePIPE process that seals and protects the piping system from future corrosion. Pipes are restored right ...

    By American Leak Detection based in Palm Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Regional Services Service line

  • ZoneSafe Gel Treatment Services

    Protect producing zones from undesired fluid or gas migration. Protect producing zones from undesired fluid or gas migration. ZoneSafe gel treatments protect producing zones and sensitive areas from undesired oil, gas, or water migration by penetrating deep into porous material and filling the pore spaces to block permeability. ZoneSafe gel ...

    By Baker Hughes, a GE company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Oilfield Water Management - Subsurface Service line

  • Online Sealing of Hydrocarbon Leak in Pipelines Service

    The S-Wrap Pipe Repair Technique for Leakage Sealing and Strengthening offers proven products and systems engineered to avoid or reduce down time and costs of piping repair. Our range of repair products and techniques are designed to address specific problems with cost-effective, reliable, quality, engineered repair service coupled with their ...

    By Siddharth Enterprises based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Punctual Rehabilitation Services

    The punctual rehabilitation is a special kind of cured in place pipes (CIPP). The liner seals different damaged spots like rifts, untight sockets and holes and also stops each intrusion of infiltrating water reliably. Additionally, the procedure of punctual rehabilitation is the optimal solution to balance shifted pipes, or to close blind ...

    By Angerlehner Hoch- und Tiefbau Gesellschaft mbH based in Pucking, AUSTRIA. from Pipeline Rehabilitation Service line

  • Natural Gas Leak Quantification

    Finding a leaking component is only one part of a leak detection project, but where multiple leaks are detected, there is a requirement to repair these leaks in accordance with their size. We provide a very accurate and efficient Leak Quantification service which utilises a unique IRT Consult Flow Sampling instrument which is a portable, ...

    By IRT Consult Ltd. based in Mullagh, IRELAND.

  • EzyDrain - Installation Services

    EzyDrain is made to suit most floor wastes, however there maybe some stuff hindering the results of your installation, Please note a few of the things that may cause issues, and solutions to these problems.

    By EzyDrain based in Artarmon, AUSTRALIA.

  • Inspections Services

    Frequent changes and upgrades with new equipment, cables and pipes being installed may have had an impact on your transits. In addition, a tough corrosive environment as well as material fatigue issues can impact the safety of your transits. Our experienced team conducts visual inspections of cable and pipe transits onsite. Their objective is to ...

    By Roxtec International AB based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN.

  • WEKO-SEAL - Internal Joint Seal Services

    When you want a permanent sealing solution for pipe joints of size 18” and larger, the WEKO-SEAL® should be the first and last place you look. The WEKO-SEAL is a flexible rubber leak clamp that ensures a non-corrodible, tight seal around the inside circumference of the pipe-joint area. Its unique design incorporates a series of lip seals ...

    By Miller Pipeline Corporation based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA). from Wastewater Pipeline Rehabilitation Services Service line

  • CemConex for Joints Services

    Injection process for the repair of faulty joints in sewers. The CemConex mineral injection material consists of two components, which are individually mixed in suspension above ground, and then mixed together in the packer immediately prior to injection at the repair site. Before final mixing, the individual components have a long pot life. After ...

    By Subtech GmbH based in Goch, GERMANY.

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