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pipeline repair services

  • Pipeline Repairs

    Most sewers are less than 6% damaged. Spot repair with Grouting Sleeves can save money and still completely restore the sewer to its original capacity. An installation may take as little as 10 minutes. Furthermore, estimates show that repair costs can be cut approximately 50% in comparing to the double tender system. Discuss your needs with ...

    By Infratech - Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. based in Rogers, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Underground Pipeline Repairs Services

    IWS undertake repairs to both 'Hidden' and visible leaks on pressurised water systems. Experienced Operatives employ State of the Art electronic leak noise detection and correlation equipment to locate ('Find') hidden leaks on pipelines and undertake all necessary excavation and the underground pipeline repair or replacement of the damaged section ...

    By Integrated Water Services Ltd. (IWS) based in Lichfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Underground Pipeline Repairs Services Service line

  • Pipeline Construction Repair Inspection Services

    Crofton Diving Corporation has years of experience providing services to the numerous industries and public utilities that maintain sub aqueous pipelines requiring routine inspection, cleaning and repairs. In addition to these services, Crofton Diving Corporation has the extensive resources and experience necessary to design and install new ...

    By Crofton Industries based in Portsmouth, VIRGINIA (USA).

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    Pipeline Leak Detection Services

    Pipelines are getting closer every day to the end of their design life. Typically, entire pipeline systems do not fail all at once even when stretched beyond the design life. More commonly, sections of pipe or maybe even single points will break resulting in costly repairs. Budgets are not large enough to replace entire systems so it is essential ...

    By EnTech Engineering Company based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Pipeline Leak Detection Services Service line

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    Water Pipeline Leak Detection Services

    According to the ASCE there are an average of 240,000 water main breaks that occur each year across the nation. Many of the main breaks could be prevented with proactive leak detection programs that inspect the entire system on a regular basis. Not only do main breaks cause large water losses they are also costly to repair: ~5-10 times more ...

    By EnTech Engineering Company based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Water Pipeline Leak Detection Services Service line

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    Industrial Process Pipeline Leak Detection Services

    Pipelines are critical to industrial processes. Without the ability to carry raw materials into the plants, move partially developed products, and completed products around the plant it becomes increasingly difficult to produce at a profit. EnTech ‘s cutting edge Infrared – Energy Pattern Analysis (IR-EPA) leak detection ...

    By EnTech Engineering Company based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Industrial Process Pipeline Leak Detection Services Service line

  • Pipeline Services

    MCDI has an extensive amount of experience inspecting, cleaning, installing, and repairing pipelines of all sizes and construction. MCDI has performed pipeline projects for a variety of clients. Mainstream's work has involved all types of pipe projects including heat fusing and laying HDPE pipe. Our experience, innovation and ability to provide ...

    By Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. (MCDI) based in Murray, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • CEDA - Pipeline Services

    CEDA is a complete pipeline construction and maintenance contractor. We offer a full service package from excavation of the ditch through backfill of completed pipeline of any diameter complete with final grading. We also offer full double joint service, resulting in a large reduction in on-site welding and delivering faster, safer and more cost ...

    By CEDA International Corporation (CEDA) based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Leakage Repair

    Under pressure, liquid or gas appears outward flow due to parts structure loose & invisible cracks. Reasons of leakage are most of imprecise setting & welding, medium corrosion, collision, weld holes, overpressure of sealing system, sometimes, leakage caused by various factors, which should be resolved intently, otherwise will create waste and ...

    By Mibo International Corp. based in New York, NEW YORK (USA). from Leakage Repair Service line

  • Machine Repairs

    As a leading manufacturer of Under Pressure drilling and Pipe Cutting Equipment Pipetech offer a full machine repair service. All work is carried out by skilled and fully trained technicians who are conversant will all aspects of machine repairs used within the Gas & Water Industry. Pipetech offer a full free of charge quotation service prior ...

    By Pipeline Technology Limited based in Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pipelines / Outfall - Intakes

    Pipelines, siphons, intakes, outfalls and associated structures are routinely constructed, maintained and repaired by our dive teams. Our experience in the construction phases of these structures allows us to provide our customers with valuable planning data, assessments of the condition of their facilities, and cost effective construction, ...

    By Northwest Underwater Construction, LLC. based in South San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Strengthening of Pipelines in Hydrocarbon Service

    The S-Wrap Pipe Repair Technique for Leakage Sealing and Strengthening offers proven products and systems engineered to avoid or reduce down time and costs of piping repair. Our range of repair products and techniques are designed to address specific problems with cost-effective, reliable, quality, engineered repair service coupled with their ...

    By Siddharth Enterprises based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Tank Repair and Maintenance

    Veolia ES Industrial Services – Mechanical Division provides API 650/653 storage tank maintenance, repairs and capital upgrades for Pipeline, Terminal, Petrochemical and Refining Industries. Count on Veolia Environmental Services to provide superior quality, cost effective prices & safe completion of your next storage tank repair project.

    By Veolia North America, Industrial Business based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Tank Repair and Maintenance Service line

  • Pipeline Inspections Services

    GPR DATA INC. provides non-destructive evaluations of pipelines, aqueducts, drainage pipes, chemical process piping, closed loop systems, and other buried product feed or product return pipelines. GPR DATA INC. can identify areas in need of repair with technologies including Ground microwave Penetrating Radar (GPR), Infrared Thermography (IR), and ...

    By GPR Data LLC based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Pipeline Inspections Services Service line

  • Rehabilitation of Pressurized Pipelines

    The starline® process for renewing and repairing the fabric hose of pressurized pipelines has been used successfully for around twenty years. This process, developed and patented by Karl Weiss Technologies GmbH, enables the long-term and high quality rehabilitation of pressurized pipelines of different dimensions, with long sections and for ...

    By KARL WEISS Technologies GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Rehabilitation of Pressurized Pipelines Service line

  • Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation

    Deposits, ageing and corrosion pose a threat to pipelines around the world. Leaking couplings and cracks constitute an environmental hazard and cause losses of important resources such as drinking water, gas and oil. The conservative approach to pipeline repair by means of excavation is expensive, time-consuming and generally causes traffic and ...

    By BMC Gulf based in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Valve Repair Services

    CECO Pipeline Services is very knowledgeable of DOT requirements for valve maintenance. In addition to federal regulations, we understand how important it is from an operations standpoint to ensure your valves are properly maintained. We have trained experienced and skilled personnel that can service your valve needs from inspections to greasing ...

    By Compressor Engineering Corp based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Interior Pipeline Protection

    When protecting a pipeline on the inside the most important limitation is the diameter of the structure. Acotec has technologies available to safely and with the utmost attention to quality protect the inside of a steel or concrete pipe structure. To find the best solution for your problem, we must first make a difference in existing and new ...

    By Acotec NV based in Erembodegem, BELGIUM. from Interior Pipeline Protection Service line

  • Pipelines / Outfall - Intakes Services

    Pipelines, siphons, intakes, outfalls and associated structures are routinely constructed, maintained and repaired by our dive teams. Our experience in the construction phases of these structures allows us to provide our customers with valuable planning data, assessments of the condition of their facilities, and cost effective construction, ...

    By Ballard Diving and Salvage based in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Pipeline & Storage Tanks Services

    VAOS designs, fabricates and installs all types of pipe work, tanks  and structural steelworks ranging from individual components to complete processing systems.  In 26 years of experience, VAOS completed more than 30 tanks (up to 1,000,000 barrels capacity) as well as 500 km of newly installed or repaired pipeline.

    By VAOS Limited based in Portomaso, MALTA. from Pipeline & Storage Tanks Services Service line

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