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Policy Research services

  • Policy Research, Analysis and Recommendations Services

    We review and analyze specific policies, proposed regulations, evolving regulations and bureaucratic activity to assess the effectiveness of the policy instrument itself as well as the technical, financial, strategic implications of various policy options on a particular organization.

    By Delphi Group based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Policy and Regulatory Analysis Service line

  • Environmental Policy & Research Services

    We collaborate with universities and other institutions to provide high-quality research and analysis. As well as contributing to both public and privately funded research projects, Ecometrica also publishes a series of technical and summary papers related to climate change mitigation and the assessment of ecosystem services (see Publications for ...

    By Ecometrica based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Environmental policy research

    Environmental policy research: research and reporting on environmental issues, from environmental legislation over government programs, renewable energy, carbon trading to waste management and health & safety.

    By ENVINT Consulting based in Terrebonne, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Policy & Research Services

    IRSM's technical and research department is reponsible for developing research projects, delivering thought leadership and supporting national and international campaigns and partnerships.  It is committed to developing high profile collaborations with the objective of advancing public education and enhancing the reputation of the ...

  • Economic and Social Policy Research

    Our experts in economics, demography, health, education, urban planning, and public financing are well qualified to study the wide range of issues in economic and social policy facing our society. Our multidisciplinary research teams provide policy makers with independent, objective insights regarding a variety of public policies and private ...

    By RTI International based in NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Monitoring and Tracking Services

    We monitor and track international, federal and provincial/state environmental  and energy policy across multiple jurisdictions and identify material impacts to your organization. We provide clients with regular verbal and written updates as well as targeted policy research, and respond to ad hoc requests. We can also present this information ...

    By Delphi Group based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Policy and Regulatory Analysis Service line

  • Modelling Services

    Ecorys believes that quantitative modeling provides and important set of tools needed to answer policy-relevant socio-economic questions. Models are always an abstract of reality and come with limitations and assumptions. However, in recognizing those, modeling is an important tool to provide structured and insightful information. At Ecorys, we ...

    By ECORYS Holding BV based in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Ecorys Research Service line

  • Research

    The Sustainability Intelligence Unit is staffed by some of the most experienced analysts in the sustainability business. We can provide you the information you need, together with a well-formed opinion about what aspects of that information are most important to you, strategically. We provide commissioned research reports and briefings, and ...

    By AtKisson Europe AB based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Public Policies

    SINOC provides public policies consulting services for the Central and local government departments in the areas of fiscal and finance, taxation, science, etc. Based on the fact research, analysis on the existing policies, comparison with international successful experience and the local practical situations, SINOC can provide feasible policy ...

    By Beijing SINOC Investment Consulting Co, Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • Policy Analysis Services

    In a dynamically developing society identification of its problems and (emerging) issues connected with it is a key issue for introducing changes. Ecorys offers its clients a reliable and objective opinion basing on a wide range of quantitative as well as qualitative research methods. Our services include: market research, problem identification, ...

    By ECORYS Holding BV based in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Analysis & Advice Service line

  • Policy & Guidance Development

    We perform the research and analyses to help clients develop technical guidance to implement program policies, strategies and plans for diverse constituencies.

    By Environmental Management Support Inc. (EMS) based in Silver Spring, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Research and Development

    Our policy on the ethical treatment of animals in research ensures that all animal experimentation is performed to the highest standard of ethics, adhering to the three guiding principles of reduction, refinement and replacement. We will only perform studies in territories where animal studies are strictly regulated. Alternatives to animal use ...

    By BTG International Ltd. based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Environmental Policy Development Services

    We routinely work with government agencies in the development of science policy based on literature reviews and new research. We have examined new and emerging approaches to developing water quality guidelines. We have also reviewed international environmental policies and legislation in support of emerging Canadian federal and provincial ...

    By Kilgour & Associates Ltd. based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Research Services

    Article 13 offers clients a groundbreaking CSR and sustainability research service. Our senior consultants work with organisations to benchmark performance, identify stakeholder views, carry out consultation exercises and review CSR strategies, policies and programmes. Article 13 also conducts our own investigations into the CSR and sustainability ...

    By Article 13 based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Research Approaches

    The results of our own research are an important part of our consulting approach. The spectrum ranges from basic research through action and accompanying research, comparative policy research, case studies, research, market research, to legal opinions and comparative law. adelphi is characterized by this mix of basic and applied research ...

    By Adelphi Research based in Berlin, GERMANY.

  • Market & Policy Analysis

    Markets for carbon credits, clean energy, and energy efficient products are constantly changing. Earthpace’s in-depth analysis can help clients make sense of these complexities. Our consultants provide research on industry health, current and pending market drivers, regulatory pressures, business models and value streams, allowing our ...

    By Earthpace based in NEW YORK (USA).

  • Research Opportunities

    The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is a great way for students to pursue their interest in research. Students work with a faculty mentor and receive a scholarship in the process.

  • Research Services

    With a focus on robust evidence and actionable insights, BSR’s experts investigate emerging issues and generate solutions for business to build a just and sustainable world. Through our research, we aim to shape and advance the debate, bridge the gap between corporate sustainability theory and practice, and provide high-quality information ...

    By Business for Social Responsibility based in San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Climate Change Policy and Adaptation

    Over the past few decades there has been increasing interest in the impacts of climate change and variability on economic, social and environmental systems. The problems being considered have progressively required interdisciplinary expertise of professionals in natural and social sciences, engineering, law, and accounting. IRIS conducts ...

    By IRIS Environmental Systems Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Policy And Project Appraisal

    Policy and investment decisions are increasingly based on evidence that includes not only financial impacts but also economic values of social and environmental costs and benefits. We provide practical support to clients through the whole decision cycle including setting objectives, screening options, and identifying, quantifying and comparing the ...

    By Economics for the Environment Consultancy (EFTEC) based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

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