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Monitoring Services

by Fenice Spa - Group EDF     based in Rivoli Cascine Vica, ITALY

The EDF Fenice Environmental Services Centre (ESC) has been active in the field of Environmental Monitoring systems for many years, providing a complete service comprising two main lines of activity:

Monitoring of Air Quality Services

by Barricalla Spa     based in Collegno Torino, ITALY

The waste processed at the Barricalla plant can be a source of polluting substances, which could rise from the body of the dump, it appears then essential to perform monitoring of air quality so to avoid eventual pollution. For this reason Barricalla assesses its emissions isolating the typical pollutants from waste processing activities, in order ...

Environmental Monitoring Services

by PM_TEN srl     based in Genova, ITALY

Monitoring of particulate matter; Planning, organization and administration of campaigns to collect samples of atmospheric particulate matter in urban, rural and remote sites with equipment especially designed to separate the fractions subject to European and national regulatory limits (PM10, PM2.5). Using 'state of the art' collection systems ...

Environmental Studies, Environmental Planning, Project & Monitoring Services

by S.I.A. Società Italiana per l’Ambiente S.r.l.     based in Rome, ITALY

Environmental Impact Studies (EIS). Strategic Environmental Assessement (SEA). Landscaping. Mitigation measures planning, re-qualification, environmental compensation. Air pollution modelling . Environmental monitoring

Noise, Vibrations and Electromagnetic Fields Monitoring Services

by VDP Srl.     based in Roma, ITALY

VDP is equipped with suited high precision instruments to perform noise, vibrations and electromagnetic fields measures, as well as of fixed control units for continuing monitoring (assembled by its technicians according to the customer's requirements) and of the mobile laboratory ME.MO.R.I.A. (MEzzo MObile Rilievi Inquinamento Acustico, i.e. ...

Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment Services

by VDP Srl.     based in Roma, ITALY

The assessment of air quality is the first step to define an articulated strategy finalized to the management of the single criticalities.Such evaluation is structured, according to the current regulations, as based on the information inferred by the survey nets, the measuring sessions, as well as by the inventory of the emissive sources, both ...

Remediation Of Buildings

by Corbat     based in FLERO, ITALY

In contexts where the environmental monitoring detects the presence of pollutants in residential, commercial or industrial Corbat is able to operate with a reclamation project of the building.


by HSI CONSULTING SRL     based in Rome, ITALY

• Air emission control (T.U. 152/06 - ex DPR 203/88).• The measurement of atmospheric pollution and air quality monitoring (Legislative Decree 351/99 and Ministerial Decree 60/02).• Provisional studies for the characterisation and evaluation of atmospheric pollution. • Carrying out phonometric surveys and the assessment of acoustic impact (L.Q. ...

Geographical Information Services (GIS)

by S.I.A. Società Italiana per l’Ambiente S.r.l.     based in Rome, ITALY

Management, elaboration and co-division environmental data through the use of  GIS (Geographical Information System). The organisation of data within the GIS systems is an integral part of the service offered by SIA. The GIS application for the safeguarding and management of environmental patrimony goes from the monitoring of sites at risk, ...

Service and Support

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI)     Distributor in ITALY

Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision analytical instrumentation for gas analysis. We offer competitive, high performance products for use in applications related to ambient monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring, semiconductor fabrication, water purification and ...

Environmental Contaminant Treatment Testing Services

by Trojan Technologies - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     Office in Milano, ITALY

Trojan's Environmental Contaminant Treatment (ECT) Laboratory functions tosupport internal and external customers interested in the ultraviolet light (UV) advanced oxidation of micro-pollutants.

Environmental Engineering Services

by Geosolution S.r.l.     based in Albignasego - Padova, ITALY

We are able to provide technical evaluation and environmental design on many areas of intervention: Contaminated Site Remediation. Onsite characterization. Risk Analysis. Design of site remediation. Monitoring plans.

Geographic Information Systems

by Tethys srl     based in Milano, ITALY

Spatial 2D and 3D analysis using advanced tools, development of Information Territorial Systems customised and taking into account the specific requirements of the final user. Examples of application: natural resource management (i.e. surface water and groundwater), mapping of geological – hydrogeological and hydraulic risks for urban areas and ...

Wastewater Treatment Service

by IGP s.r.l.     based in Trieste, ITALY

Wastewater is the result of water usage and pollution. Before being reintroduced in the environment, wastewater needs to be purified in order to respect the limits imposed by the law, which may vary according to their specific receptive target (sewage systems, river, sea, soil,..).

Air Testing Services

by Theolab SpA     based in Volpiano, ITALY

Industrial processes and combustion plants introduce in the atmosphere a diversified mixture of compounds. Many of them are pollutants at different levels. The emissions-check and the analysis of fumes from the chimneys is asked by the authorization requirements for the control of industrial processes and to fulfill the limits imposed by the ...

Project Management Services

by Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control     Office in Milano, ITALY

Project management as envisaged by CTP means the handling of a job from planning through to commissioning the system.

Studies, Consultancy and Reclamation

by Biotech Sistemi S.P.A     based in Bergamo, ITALY

Technical and financial feasibility studies in environmental and energy sectors. Environmental investigations and surveys in the territory. E.I.A. - Environmental Impact Analysis.Studies about air quality and smells impacts with computerized means.

Global Service For Environmental Services

by Nestambiente     based in Padua, ITALY

Proper management of environmental health services is an important factor for the quality of life of the inhabitants of a territory. An efficient and effective solution to the issues of an environmental natu

Air Dispersion Modeling Service

by GecoSistema Srl     based in Rimini, ITALY

Advanced Air Dispersion Modeling Services for emergency, planning and permitting situations. GECOsistema performs air and atmospheric dispersion modeling (ADM) for emergency, planning, and permitting situations.

Environmental Assessments

by RIZZO Associates     Office in Genova, ITALY

RIZZO's environmental scientists have significant experience in environmental assessments and regulatory compliance for proposed and existing power generation and mining facilities, and for various civil infrastructure projects.  Our team specifically provides diversified support to utilities, developers, manufacturers, non-profit ...

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