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Refrigerator services

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    Erdwich - Refrigerator recycling

    Erdwich reclaims even Pentane and CFCs with 99% purity!Several million scrap refrigerator units are disposed of every year in Germany alone. The proportion of refrigeration units recycled by volume totals about 40% and is the most significant segment after consumer electronics.One particular challenge in this recycling process is presented by ...

    By Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH based in Igling, GERMANY.

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    Refrigerator Recycling Services

    The Eldan system is designed for recycling of refrigerators operating with CFC/pentane gasses/fluid in order to prevent harmful substances to evaporate into the atmosphere and to achieve the most efficient recycling of the solid materials. A complete refrigerator recycling system includes everhint from pre-chopping to separation of the material.

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Recycling Areas Service line

  • Refrigeration

    The Refrigeration Division of GEA is one of the world leaders in all aspects of industrial refrigeration. The Refrigeration Division headquarters are located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

    By GEA Group based in Schkopau, GERMANY.

  • System Rectification Refrigerant Services

    BOC offers solutions to restore your system to its optimum operational performance.

    By The BOC Group plc based in Guildford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Refrigerant Services Service line

  • Gas and Oil Analysis Services

    A build-up of contaminants within a refrigeration system can reduce the thermodynamic efficiency and increase your business costs. Contamination build-up can eventually cause a major plant breakdown, resulting in inevitable damage-repair and lost production. BOC offers full screening of both the refrigerant and oils to evaluate the system's ...

    By The BOC Group plc based in Guildford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Refrigerant Services Service line

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Installations Services

    In a commercial environment, air-conditioning is an ever increasing must-have technology. High glass density, high occupancy spaces, heat emissions from IT equipment and high lighting levels add to heat output that needs a controlling solution.nfra-red remote control can allow you to keep your surroundings at the perfect temperature. New advances ...

    By WEMCO Ltd based in Newton Abbot, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service line

  • Refrigerator Recycling

    Chances are, if a residential consumer’s refrigerator was produced before the early 1990s, it’s doing a poor job of keeping food cold, but an excellent job of inflating electricity bills. In fact, not only do older refrigerators operate at half the efficiency of newer models, but they also contain ozone-depleting insulation and ...

    By Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Maintenance Services

    Carrying out routine planned preventative maintenance (PPM) work ensures that a system and its equipment is kept in good working order and optimises its efficiency. The aim of preventative maintenance is to reduce the possibility of equipment failure before it occurs; replacing worn components before they fail.

    By WEMCO Ltd based in Newton Abbot, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service line

  • Hydronic Air Conditioning Service

    Hydronic Air Conditioning is the process of chilling water and distributing it throughout a building for the purpose of air conditioning. The chilled water supplied to a heat exchanging coil located in supply air ducting servicing different zones within a building. Cooling is regulated by a control system on a zone by zone basis.

    By NRG Management based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Air Conditioning / Refrigeration Services Service line

  • Refrigeration Services

    Automate your refrigeration temperature monitoring.  Safeguard key assets by adding sensors that automatically send an alert if there is a significant drop or increase in temperature.

    By Incenergy, LLC based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Refrigeration Service

    Systems checked and updated to minimize energy consumption. Replacement units supplied and fitted, where appropriate, to meet new legislation on F Gases. Energy saving improvisations on drives and performance controls to improve running costs. Trim lighting and display lighting. Servicing and repairs to any size and make of refrigeration plant - ...

    By NCS based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • HVAC & Refrigeration Services

    Design of HVAC, air purification and ventilation, and plumbing systems for residential and commercial buildings and for new construction or renovation purposes. Services including: Free estimation, free recommendation for proper type of units and set of equipments, site survey, producing set of engineering executable drawings.

    By Neatco Engineering Services Inc. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Refrigeration Availability Reporting Services

    Real time monitoring and analysis of refrigeration plant and display case availability. Enabling our clients to implement change based on factual information, manage service contractor performance, identify reliability issues with their refrigerated plant and improve trading by maintaining 99.99% levels of availability.

    By Next Control Systems based in Fleet, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Refrigerant & Fugitive Emissions Manager

    Reasons to Consider Refrigerant Gas ManagerRefrigerant Manager helps you understand and manage the use of refrigerant gases across a thousands of systems. You avoid compliance issues, reduce regulatory risk and eliminate related refrigerant costs. A deep understanding and a reduction in leakage rates results in measurable financial savings and ...

    By Verisae based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Environmental Management Service line

  • Refrigerant Analysis Services

    The analysis of refrigerants is the process of testing various elements which can affect the refrigerants physical properties. These elements include the refrigerants purity level, moisture content and non-condensable levels. For nearly 20 years Choice™ Refrigerants has been developing techniques for testing and analyzing all aspects of ...

    By Choice Refrigerants based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Refrigerant Recovery Services

    Refrigerant Recovery is the process of removing refrigerant from an HVAC system. RMS specializes in all refrigerant recovery applications, from light residential split systems to industrial sized chillers. However unique your problem is, RMS has a solution. On-site recovery allows us to recover your HVAC system seamlessly without removing or ...

    By Choice Refrigerants based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Refrigerant Buy-Back Services

    If you have unused refrigerant that is no longer any use to you, or you have recovery cylinders containing refrigerant gathering dust in your shop – let us purchase them! Depending on the type and purity, your refrigerant may be worth more than you think. In most cases, we lead the industry in buy-back pricing, so give us a call today to ...

    By Choice Refrigerants based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Recycling domestic refrigerators and freezers

    Established in Laval in the north of Montreal, the refrigerator and freezer recycling plant possesses all the required infrastructures for commercializing the recycled materials and managing ODS. Entirely automated, the plant’s operations are carried out in complete safety while exceeding all the environmental norms and standards in ...

    By PureSphera based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Refrigerant Gas Packaging Services

    Gower Chemicals have an established history within the refrigerant packaging business having a long association with Rhodia Organique Fines Limited based in Avonmouth who, together with their recently formed joint venture with the Dehon Group under the name of I.D.S. Limited, still remain our major customer. We have over the years built on our ...

    By Gower Chemicals Limited based in Swansea, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • MEBROM - Refrigerant Gas Reclaim-Service

    Thanks to its large experience with handling dangerous gas packed in cylinders and to its well equipped in-house laboratory, MEBROM started the refrigerant gas reclaim-service in 2010. The target is to provide its customers with a service which they can widely use to sort out their problem of handling refrigerant gas during and after equipment ...

    By Mebrom NV based in Rieme-Ertvelde, BELGIUM.

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