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Risk Management Services

by SolAbility     based in Goyang-Si, SOUTH KOREA

Risk management is a corner-stone of successful corporate management and even more so in a changing business environment. Corporations need to develop risk screening and management tools that that take into account future challenges. Climate Change, the environment, global developments and the shift of power balances in between and within nations ...

Sustainability and Risk Management Assessments

by Pacific Risk Advisors Ltd     Office in SOUTH KOREA

We provide a wide range of risk assessment services focused on environmental, health, safety, energy, climate, clean technology throughout the Asia Pacific

Fire and Hazardous Materials Support Services

by Bureau Veritas     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Bureau Veritas provides site based fire and hazardous material support to industry and public sector clients on a 24/7 basis to minimise unplanned interruptions and provide business continuity. Our team of experts provide on-site and remote based support for the identification of hazards, removal of hazardous materials, public safety, occupational ...

Government Services - Pre-Shipment Inspection

by Bureau Veritas     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

This service carried out for governments combines confirmation of the buyer’s specifications, and quantity and value controls of imports and exports. It is done in compliance with World Trade Organisation (WTO) requirements. In carrying out pre-shipment inspection of goods on behalf of customs authorities, Bureau Veritas helps international ...

Health and Safety Consulting Services

by Bureau Veritas     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Bureau Veritas offers a comprehensive portfolio of health and safety consulting services to protect your staff and business. Our highly skilled consultants are experienced across a range of industries, including construction, logistics, engineering, property management, finance and many others. We can assist with the management of your health and ...

Independent Verification Services

by Bureau Veritas     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

The trend for regulators and multinational oil companies to move from prescriptive forms of safety regulation to goal-setting approaches is resulting in changes in the way that operators manage their facilities. Under this goal-setting approach to asset integrity, verification involves independent and competent scrutiny of safety critical elements ...

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Management Services

by Bureau Veritas     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Poor air quality has the potential to impact on the health of individuals, change ecosystems and lead to a deterioration in the fabric of our historical buildings. Ambient air quality management includes monitoring, modelling and assessing a wide range of pollutants, including dust and odours in the outdoor air. Ambient air quality monitoring is a ...

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification from NSAI

by NSAI Inc.     Office in SOUTH KOREA

OHSAS 18001 was established in conjunction with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for companies wishing to incorporate a process that covers Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety management systems. Registration to OHSAS 18001 demonstrates a commitment to implement, maintain and improve the way in which Health and Safety is managed. With ...

Supply Chain Management Services

by thinkstep     Distributor in SOUTH KOREA

Your supply chain says a lot about you – and is a key part of your sustainability strategy.

Integrated Sustainability Performance Management Systems Services

by thinkstep     Distributor in SOUTH KOREA

Put the processes in place for adding business value through sustainability.

Climate Change Fund Services

by SolAbility     based in Goyang-Si, SOUTH KOREA

Climate Change and Global Warming has become a mainstream issue in the mass-media over the past two years. The consequences of Climate Change itself, international agreements and domestic legislation are all having a strong impact on the way business is conducted in the future. Coupled with high and rising energy prices, climate change management ...


by DNV GL - Software     Office in Suyong-Gu,, SOUTH KOREA

We work continually on improving the Synergi Life software, so that Synergi Life can improve your business! We also help developing and adjusting the HSE and quality system within the customer’s own organisation. Creating an effective risk management system for improved HSEQ performance is a challenge. So is keeping improvement continuous. ...

Stakeholder Engagement Services

by Two Tomorrows Group Ltd.     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Stakeholder engagement is the bedrock of corporate sustainability. Done well, it can help you not only enhance your organisation’s links with stakeholders, but also deliver improved business results.

Consultant Services

by DNV GL - Software     Office in Suyong-Gu,, SOUTH KOREA

Optimise your gains, eliminate the pains. Synergi Solutions offers the unique combination of 15 years of experience within HSE and quality as well as Synergi expertise. Synergi Solutions’ consultants know the oil/gas/energy business, transport and communications, the process industry as well as construction and health care/the public sector.

Hardware Maintenance and Field Services

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Sungnam-Si, SOUTH KOREA

Regular preventative maintenance is essential to keep your vibration test system delivering top performance, safety and reliability for decades to come. We offer a range of service and maintenance plans to choose from, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment will always be operating at optimal capacity. Our ...

Sustainable Solution Steering

by thinkstep     Distributor in SOUTH KOREA

What is the potential of your products to accelerate sales and capture market share? Optimise the sustainability performance of your product portfolio. Sustainable Solution Steering  is a comprehensive sustainability evaluation and decision-making process for entire businesses, developed by BASF.

Benchmarking Services

by thinkstep     Distributor in SOUTH KOREA

Find out where you stand and how successful you’ve been. Our benchmarking service assesses your performance across a number of key topics against competitor achievements and wider industry best practice.

Product Environmental Footprint Consulting Service

by thinkstep     Distributor in SOUTH KOREA

A breakthrough development towards a new form of environmental product policy. We support you with all PEF related activities.

Circular Economy Consulting Service

by thinkstep     Distributor in SOUTH KOREA

Take the right steps and make the right choices. You can decouple your company’s growth from the consumption of finite resources that exist in your products.

Materiality Assessment Consulting Services

by thinkstep     Distributor in SOUTH KOREA

Scope out the potential for sustainability initiatives in your organization by prioritizing the topics and impacts most relevant to you. Identify the key sustainability topics for your business: Every business is different – which is why our materiality assessment is so valuable in focusing on the economic, environmental and social impacts ...

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