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river flood services

  • Coastal, River & Flood Protection Works

    A GEOfabrics' filter/separator provides high extension together with excellent puncture resistance which means little damage occurs when placing large rock. Sustained flow capacity and sand tightness are achieved at all strains. In very exposed areas where it is possible that accretion of sands may not occur, a secondary mineral filter layer is ...

    By GEOfabrics Limited based in Stourton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Geotextiles Service line

  • Water Resources Services

    Water Resources Creek/Rivers/Flood Control/Bridges Urban Creek Restoration Hydrology Studies River and Stream Improvement studies (Alternatives Analysis, 404(b)(1)) Location Hydraulic Studies (Bridge Hydraulics) Bridge Scour Analysis.

    By Harrison Engineering Inc based in Pleasant Hill , CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Surface Water

    Surface water is an essential resource for development. First, ground water and surface water are essentially one linked resource. Thus, the interactions between surface and groundwater have to be analyzed in a conjunctive manner. Second, the development of civilization is traditionally linked to existing surface water courses. In this context, ...

    By TK Consult AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

  • Coastal & Estuarine Sedimentation Services

    Inlet stability — Map the sediment structures; evaluate the sedimentation in tidal & wave conditions, predict the stability of the channel. Beach erosion — Measure beach & nearshore configuration; quantify the dynamics, evaluate biological solutions; measure wave environment & currents. Flood analysis — Quantify the ...

    By e4sciences|Earthworks LLC based in Sandy Hook, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management Services

    Fichtner Water & Transportation's fields of activity in hydraulic engineering and water management are as follows: Hydrology, water resources management, river engineering, flood defence, coastal protection, restoration, development of aquatic systems, waterway engineering, locks, hydropower plants, storage dams, harbour construction.

    By Fichtner Water & Transportation GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY. from Fields of Activity Service line

  • Flood Control and Protection Service

    Recent catastrophic flooding in New Orleans provides a reminder of the flood risks that face many communities who live within the flood plain of major rivers. Funding for flood protection measures including construction of levees, improvement of water ways and improvements of upstream flood control storage is available from Federal and State ...

    By Christensen Associates Inc (CAI) based in San Rafael, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Flooding and pollution advice

    We occasionally get heavy rainfall that leads to river pollution or, in rare cases, sewers flooding streets or properties. Thankfully these incidents are becoming fewer each year as we invest in our infrastructure and find ways of tackling the problem. Here you can find out what to do if you encounter flooding, who's responsible if flooding occurs ...

    By Yorkshire Water Limited based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flood Risk & Climate Services

    The team have experience and expertise in working on a number of projects within flood risk management and flood protection, ranging from river catchment studies and flood risk assessments to property level protection surveys and community engagement. Climate change and the projected changes in weather patterns increase the risk of flooding for ...

    By Pell Frischmann based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flood Defence and Navigation Services

    Coyne et Bellier has performed a large number of missions to assist in the restoration of inland waterways (including framework agreements with Voies Navigables de France). We also put our skill and knowhow at the service of clients for the design and construction of suitable flood-defence works. Notable examples are the studies carried out after ...

    By Coyne et Bellier based in Cedex, FRANCE.

  • Water Management Services

    Atkins provides a full range of services across the diverse water management spectrum from water strategy planning, river management and flood defence schemes to utility infrastructure design, operations and maintenance. We combine leading-edge technical expertise with extensive engineering experience to deliver sustainable solutions all around ...

    By Atkins based in Epsom, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flood Management Services

    Flooding of river basins and delta's offers, in a natural situation, the nutrient rich environment for fertile soils and a high biological production. That is why throughout the world most delta's are transformed to productive agricultural systems but at the same time form ecological hotspots and hold wetlands of international importance. ...

    By Altenburg & Wymenga Ecological Consultants based in Feanwâlden, NETHERLANDS. from Water Resource Management Service line

  • Flood Risk Mapping Services

    Flood risk management depends on accurate mapping information. Typically, areas subject to flooding are flat and changes in water level can mean major alterations in the amount of area flooded. A one foot increase in water level in some areas can flood thousands of acres. LIDAR technology typically provides more data than can be collected using ...

    By Lasermap Image Plus based in Boisbriand, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Rivers and Coasts Services

    Rivers, lakes and seas are prone to flooding, but are also a source of prosperity and development. Concepts like 'room for the river' and innovative dike structures may reduce the flood threat. At the same time, careful implementation of plans can enhance navigation and opportunities for recreation and other uses. We ensure that designs and ...

    By HKV Consultants based in Lelystad, NETHERLANDS.

  • Culverts and Causeways Service

    Nepid provides specialist services in the assessment of culverts and causeways. In South Africa a Water Use Licence is needed to alter the bed, banks, course or characteristics of a watercourse (National Water Act No. 36 of 1998: Section 21(i)). Badly designed culverts and causeways can have serious negative impacts on river and stream ecosystems ...

    By Nepid Consultants CC based in White River, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Disaster Response and Recovery

    Our preparation for, and execution and delivery of, disaster response and recovery, is rooted in the emergency response services SWS has been providing for decades.Services of this nature typically require an extensive array of resources - heavy equipment, specialized equipment, trained personnel, and financial strength. Those core elements, along ...

    By SWS Environmental Services based in Panama City Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Flood Defences

    As a low-lying country the Netherlands has faced the threat of floods throughout its history. The original inhabitants in the Early Iron Age battled water by building terps. Later, roughly from the year 1000, a start was made on putting up dikes in coastal and river areas. For centuries there were major dike failures that caused catastrophic ...

    By Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers based in Deventer, NETHERLANDS. from Deltas, Coasts and Rivers Service line

  • Stream Flow Data Analysis

    FlowWorks flow analysis software provides individuals with stream data oversight responsibilities a package of data storage and stream data flow analysis functions that make working with your stream flow data easy, whether you take care of one small creek or manage a large hydrometric network.

    By FlowWorks Inc. based in Everett, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • FloodScore - Property-Level Flood Risk Scores Assess and Flood Risk Information Services

    FloodScore provides property-level flood risk scores and flood risk information for all properties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can use it to quickly evaluate and quantify flood risk. It’s available as an online checking service through an API, as a full or partial database, or as spatial layers.

    By Ambiental Risk Analytics based in Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Water Resource Services

    KGS Group assists utilities and government agencies in the optimization of reservoir storage and development, application of water management plans, and modeling of linear, non-linear, continuous, and discontinuous objective functions and constraints. During the 1997 'Flood of the Century' in Manitoba's Red River Valley, KGS answered the call and ...

    By KGS Group based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA).

  • Topographic Surveying Of Beaches And Flood Plains

    Over the years we have carried out many beach surveys in connection with studies relating to the movement of beach material caused by natural coastal processes.

    By Wallingford Environmental Surveys Ltd. based in Wallingford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Core Services (on shore) Service line

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