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sonar services

  • Underwater Concrete Placement Services

    Hibbard inshore has the capability to monitor and control accurate concrete pours and placement in underwater locations. In addition to directing the equipment, Hibbard Inshore’s vehicles can also use sonar to monitor the pour in real-time to accurately signal to the operator when to cut off flow at the surface. This can be performed in ...

    By Hibbard Inshore based in Auburn Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Construction Service line

  • ProFish - Acoustic Fish Imaging Services

    The use of sonar systems with different levels of resolution makes it possible to provide basic biological information such as the description of certain patterns of fish behaviour, their preferred occupation of certain substrata, etc…Our EK60, 38/200 kHz Combi D sonar from SIMRAD ( is a single-beam sonar which allows ...

    By ProFish Technology SA based in Naninne, BELGIUM.

  • Stocking and Leasing Services

    The MacArtney Group holds large stocks of Subconn underwater connectors, standard cables and spare parts to meet urgent requirements. In addition the company has an extensive lease pool in Norway, primarily cameras and sonars, which is available to the rest of the group. In many cases we can support a customer, at very short notice, with a ...

    By MacArtney Solutions based in Esbjerg V, DENMARK.

  • Software Development Services

    Software for static and dynamic analysis of marine cable systems, Sonar processing, GIS tools & customization, Ocean Engineering utilities and tools, Motion control systems.

    By Leraand Engineering Inc. (LEI) based in Honolulu, HAWAII (USA).

  • Marine Transportation

    Charters include agreements to provide long term marine transportation to near shore and offshore oil platforms as well as special projects. Ship Services has participated in special projects for ship-to-ship lightering operations, sonar surveys, sonar research, diving operations, light towing, range clearance, salvage operations, as well as ...

    By So Cal Ship Services based in Terminal Island, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Platform Services Service line

  • 2D and 3D Profiling Sonar Services

    ASI Group provides a wide range of sonar technologies that enable data collection in high flow, highly turbid and hazardous environments.   ASI’s Dual-Axis Sonar (DAS) system technology enables collection data regarding underwater infrastructure and accumulated debris without the burden of costly downtime.

    By ASI Group Ltd. based in St Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Remote Systems Service line

  • Scanning Sonar and Multibeam Image Surveys

    Scanning sonar units are particularly valuable when doing close-up, high-resolution investigation of specific structures such as bridge abutments and structural piers, or in specific work areas where visibility and structural complexity may make it difficult for divers or remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) to fully assess the layout and condition ...

    By Hibbard Inshore based in Auburn Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Marine Surveys Service line

  • SSS - Side-scan Sonar

    The Side Scan Sonar is used for the ultrasonic imaging of the seafloor. It consists of two transducers mounted on each port of an underwater fish. The towed configuration provides better image because it assures a smoother trajectory. It is most useful for seabed mapping, wreck surveys, seek and rescue operations, UXO and object surveys and other ...

    By Marine Research Ltd. based in Bucharest, ROMANIA.

  • ASC - Acoustic Seabed Classification

    Acoustic Seafloor Classification using Side-scan sonar data.Mapping benthic habitats is necessary for the implementation of a balanced approach on ecosystems in the management of marine protected areas. It is focused on monitoring and identifying the marine ecosystems by shaping the geometry and distribution of the habitats and building up a ...

    By Marine Research Ltd. based in Bucharest, ROMANIA.

  • Sonar Profiling and Imaging Surveys

    ASI Group provides a wide range of sonar technologies that enable data collection in high flow, highly turbid and hazardous environments.   ASI’s Dual-Axis Sonar (DAS) system technology enables collection of critical underwater infrastructure data without the burden of costly downtime.

    By ASI Group Ltd. based in St Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Marine Geophysical Services Service line

  • Underwater Services

    Burning, cutting, deep diving, dredging, drilling, fabrication, grouting, hazmat, marine transportation, penetration, photography, rov, salvage, sonar, towing, videography, welding.

    By Hunt Underwater Specialties based in Clayton, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Accidents Navigation Clearance Services

    Navigation clearance — Conduct surveys to find obstructions & clear channels. Accident reconstruction — Sonar & electromagnetic surveys to locate & map debris from an explosion or allision. Search & mapping — Locate & map critical objects from an accident. Insurance investigation — Locate & map ...

    By e4sciences|Earthworks LLC based in Sandy Hook, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Hydro Dam & Reservoir Surveys

    Hydro dam inspections using a rotating head sonar provide accurate information about plunge pools and sink holes. AquaCoustic uses a range of technologies to survey dams and reservoirs, including scanning sonar, video, multibeam and rotating head sonar. AquaCoustic has collaborated with a leading sonar manufacturer in the development of a ...

    By Aquacoustic Remote Technologies based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • ROV Operations Services

    Global offers a full range of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), including those suited for pipeline inspection and 'flying eyeballs' tasks, as well as work-class ROVs. We maintain our fleet for ready deployment at all times. Our ROVs carry standard high-resolution color video cameras with recording capabilities. Most of our ROVs can be customized ...

    By Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Side Scan Sonar Surveys

    Rather than produce a quantitative set of bottom elevations, sidescan sonar surveys generate a qualitative suite of underwater imagery. For projects where a snapshot “picture” of the bottom is necessary, sidescan sonar surveys can be an excellent choice to identify bottom features such as submerged debris, remnant derelict ...

    By Hibbard Inshore based in Auburn Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Marine Surveys Service line

  • Acoustic Remote Sensing of Marine Habitats

    Our close associate, Jack Egerton of Echology, specialises in acoustics survey which sometimes augments our survey capabilities for clients. Equipment knowledge includes; Biosonics DTX Split Beam Fisheries Echosounder, Sidescan sonar, AGDS, Simrad ES60 echosounder, Geoswath multibeam.

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Marine Surveying & Monitoring Service line

  • Sub-Bottom Sonar Surveying Services

    Aqua Survey utilizes Sub-Bottom sonar 
echoes to detect and map targets and layering within 
the beds of lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries and oceans. The harder the target or strata, the harder and more resolute the sonar’s echo is to the transducer. 
Sub-Bottom can be used to three-dimensionally delineate contaminated ...

    By Aqua Survey, Inc. based in Flemington, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Geophysical Survey Service line

  • Abandoned Mines and Void Mapping Services

    ZAPATA has developed comprehensive mine subsidence investigations to delineate mine workings, evaluate subsidence risk, and develop mitigation strategies.  We can map the void size and geometry using borehole laser (for air-filled voids) or sonar tools (for water-filled voids) and image void conditions using video camera capabilities.

    By Zapata Engineering based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Applications of Geophysics Service line

  • Hydrographic Survey Services - Inland

    One of the most difficult tasks faced by marine contractors can be relating the subsurface terrain to their clients. Our hydrographic survey capabilities measure and define the configuration of bottoms and adjacent land areas of water bodies and are a viable solution for: - Mapping bottom contours of lakes, rivers and sea beds - Pre and post ...

    By Veolia North America, Industrial Business based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Industrial Services Service line

  • Well & Pump Services

    We offer a variety of services for irrigation wells.  Our well trained pump department staff can provide all of these services. Efficiency testing. PCC testing. Electric Motor service. New pump installation. Pulling and setting pumps for rebuild, repair or upgrading. Pump bowl rebuilding. Well liner. Well abandonment. Rehab services:Downhole ...

    By Quality Irrigation based in Yuma, COLORADO (USA).

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