toxicology services available in Asia & Middle East

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    Regulatory Consulting Services

    Leverage toxicological expertise.

    By Verisk 3E based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Regulatory Consulting Services Service line

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    Toxicology Risk Assessment (TRA) Services

    Toxicology Risk Assessment (TRA) provides a critical summary of your products compliance with health and safety standards and regulations to ensure global market acceptance.

    By UL - The WERCS based in Latham, NEW YORK (USA). from Toxicology Risk Assessment (TRA) Services Service line

  • In Vitro Toxicology

    In vitro toxicity studies can be beneficial in helping to bring your pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, crop protection, food additive or animal health compound to market. We can work with you to perform a wide range of regulatory studies, including EDSP, and single-cell electrophoresis assay. 

    By WIL Research based in Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from In Vitro Toxicology Service line

  • Juvenile Toxicology

    Obtain critical information on the potential safety concerns of your pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical compounds with juvenile toxicology studies from WIL Research. Supported by our experienced team of DART and toxicology scientists, we can help you evaluate the effects of your compound on the growth and development of immature nervous, ...

    By WIL Research based in Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Juvenile Toxicology Service line

  • Inhalation Toxicology

    When you’re looking for the latest in inhalation techniques for your pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, crop protection, food additive or animal health compound, look to WIL Research. We can assist you with a complete spectrum of inhalation testing capabilities. The range and quality of our inhalation capabilities are optimized ...

    By WIL Research based in Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Inhalation Toxicology Service line

  • Genetic Toxicology

    Developing and interpreting highly sensitive GLP and non-GLP assays to identify potential carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic risks requires experience, expertise and the ability to understand that every project is different. Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, crop protection, food additive or animal health industry, ...

    By WIL Research based in Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Genetic Toxicology Service line

  • General Toxicology

    When you need a partner that can design, execute and analyze general toxicology studies, you need to talk to WIL Research. We tailor your study to your needs, whether they are in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, crop protection, food additive or animal health industry. We are ready to help with studies covering areas such as ...

    By WIL Research based in Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from General Toxicology Service line

  • Toxicology + Risk Assessment

    Rescan provides specialized services in toxicology, human health effects assessment, and ecological risk assessment for mines and industrial developments. Risk assessment is a rapidly evolving approach to evaluating the likelihood of adverse impacts to people or to ecological resources which are exposed to environmental stressors. It provides ...

    By Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Toxicology + Risk Assessment Service line

  • Toxicological Sciences Services

    Intrinsik toxicologists, including eight Board Certified Toxicologists (DABTs and ERTs), bring significant experience spanning the full spectrum of toxicological sciences.  Our toxicological and risk assessment experience and expertise allows us to address almost many problems our clients may have related to chemical exposure and human ...

    By Intrinsik Inc. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Toxicological Sciences Services Service line

  • Occupational Toxicology and Pharmacology Services

    Affygility Solutions provides a wide variety of occupational toxicology and pharmacology services to the life science industry. Occupational toxicology and pharmacology services are performed by industry professionals with over 50 years of combined professional experience. We have performed these services for small to large life science companies.

    By Affygility Solutions based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA).

  • Toxicology, Hazard and Alternatives Assessment

    New and existing chemical policies are actively identifying chemicals of concern and restricting their use. Companies desiring to keep their products on the market will be responsible for evaluating and identifying functional alternatives that are safer for both consumers and the environment.

    By NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd. based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Environmental Toxicology Consulting Services

    Environmental Hazard and Risk services to manage and monitor aqueous waste. Whether you require a program structure, or regulatory, toxicology, chemical and study management practices, Redshift helps you understand the critical components needed to reduce environmental risk, identify improvements, and decrease costs. Specialized in aqueous waste ...

    By Redshift Technologies, Inc. based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Toxicology and Chemical Risk Assessments Services

    Since 2003, ToxServices has excelled at assessing and analyzing toxicological risk related to human health. ToxServices integrates the science of hazard identification, dose-response assessment, exposure assessment, quantitative risk assessment, and risk management in order to assist our clientele in protecting human health.

    By ToxServices LLC. based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA).

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    Bridge Manufacturing Services

    Accelerate your molecule to market; Collaborating with our biomanufacturing services team is one way to expedite your time to market without compromising on quality. We produce drug substance for toxicology and clinical cGMP phase I and II studies. And beyond that, we leave you with tools and know-how you need to take your process forward ...

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Scientific and Analytical

    - Analytical Characterisation and Testing- Phys/Chem Analysis- (Eco)Toxicological Studies and Modelling Techniques- Exposure Assessment

    By Yordas Group Ltd based in Lancaster University - Lancast, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Environmental Risks of Chemicals

    IVAM maps out all the chemical and toxicological properties of substances and products for you. IVAM combines thorough knowledge of environmental chemistry, labour hygiene and (eco) toxicology with know-how in the relevant policy frameworks and accompanying instruments.

    By IVAM Research and Consultancy on Sustainability based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

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    Safer Chemical Analytics Services

    Risk assessment and management. Evaluate hazards. Assess products or mixtures in seconds. Create risk cards.

    By Verisk 3E based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Safer Chemical Analytics Services Service line

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    Safer Chemical Analytics Services

    With increasing consumer and regulatory pressure to identify risk and replace harmful chemicals with safer, more eco-friendly alternatives, there is a growing need for chemical risk assessment and management as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Verisk 3E's Safer Chemical Analytics solutions leverage our scientific expertise and ...

    By Verisk 3E based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Safer Chemical Analytics Services Service line

  • Risk Assessment

    Human Health and Toxicology: Crafted towards site-specific clean up goals and regulatory acceptance, Waterstone risk assessments help our clients identify the most cost-effective remedial solutions.

    By Waterstone Environmental Hydrology and Engineering, Inc. based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).

  • Technical Services

    Performing scientific data searches. Performing substance grouping, (Q)SARs and read-across services. Conducting physico-chemical tests. Conducting laboratory chemical identification and characterisation. Evaluating chemical identification and characterisation data. Performing toxicological testing. Compiling and assessing toxicological data ...

    By REACHReady Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

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