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Used Shredder services

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    Harden - Harden Shredders Service

    Harden can provide a higher quality scrap product to our consumers. At the same time, we will broaden the type of scrap we can purchase and process. Our retail customers will benefit greatly by our purchasing of auto bodies, appliances and other materials best processed by shredding. Have your shredding needs changed? Do you need to upgrade your ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

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    Shredder Light Fraction (SLF) Recycling Services

    Other names for SLF (Shredder Light Fraction) are ASR (Automobile Shredder Residue) and Auto fluff or just fluff. For further processing of the SLF material originating from ELV (End of Life Vehicle), Eldan is able to offer various standard recycling plants. These standard plants are also the starting point when plants are customized to suit ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Recycling Areas Service line

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    Erdwich - Cardboard shredding

    Makes even the biggest mountains of cardboard into molehills!Working with a cardboard shreddercardboard shredders in dutycardboard shredders examplesEvery year, Germany produces around 10 million tonnes of cardboard and paperboard for the packaging industry. After their use, these items of cardboard packaging and boxes must then be reduced in ...

    By Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH based in Igling, GERMANY.

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    Lifelong Spare Parts Availability Services

    Owners of an UNTHA shredder may count on all parts being available at all times. The spare and wear parts of our serial machines are extensively documented. This means that you can always order the right part using the article number in the operating manual, independent of the age of your machine.

    By UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh based in Kuchl, AUSTRIA. from Spare and Wear Parts Service line

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    Besides our shredders, Mercodor GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG offers its customers a range of services.

    By MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY.

  • SSI - Shredder Buy-Back Program

    Have your shredding needs changed? Do you need to upgrade your current shredder? Every shredder that SSI produces has a proven track record of high performance and reliability. Should you require a new or different shredding solution, please let us know. SSI will offer to buy it back!

    By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA).

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    Additional Services

    Documentation: At any time we are able to provide documentation related to our shredders: instruction manuals, certifications and spare parts lists. Used machines: We buy second hand shredders that will be reconditioned by us in compliance with the standard in force before to  put them back on the market at convenient terms.

    By SatrindTech Srl based in Arluno, ITALY. from Customer Service Service line

  • Alpine Shredders Service

    At Alpine Shredders, you are always at the front of the line when it comes to maximizing your uptime. We have engineered such simplicity into each model that, when it comes to service, we can often get you up and running with just a simple phone call. And when you need more help, our established network of local service shops can ensure that you ...

    By Alpine Shredders Limited based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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    Professional Commissioning Services

    If you wish, you may handle the commissioning of UNTHA products yourself. However, we recommend using a competent UNTHA service technician or an authorised UNTHA service partner. That way, you can be absolutely sure that your shredder is optimised for your specific working environment from the very first. At the same time, you have the opportunity ...

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    Spare Parts and Maintenances Services

    Original parts, built with the same standards by which we build our machines, which ensure the highest reliability and eliminate the risks associated with incompatibility. All components are  designed and built to ensure a long working life of shredders; this is also based on the compatibility of the different parts. Only in this way you will ...

    By SatrindTech Srl based in Arluno, ITALY. from Customer Service Service line

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    After-Sale Service

    We well know the needs and expectations of those who use a shredder. Our Customers are aware that they can trust our qualified skilled personnel wherever a SATRIND machine is working.  To guarantee an efficient after-sale service we kept detailed and up to date files of about  4.000 shredders sold all over the world during our 30 years ...

    By SatrindTech Srl based in Arluno, ITALY. from Customer Service Service line

  • Paper Shredder Services and Record Destruction Services

    Some smaller businesses believe that purchasing a commercial paper shredder to use in the office is sufficient to guarantee the information security of the business. Unfortunately, this is not often the case, as employees are either too busy or unwilling to choose to stand over the paper shredder and spend the time to shred all the confidential ...

    By Professional Shredding Corporation (PROSHRED) based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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    Blades Sharpening Services

    The sharpening of the blades is for sure one of our greatest strength and one of the features that our Customers evaluate before purchasing a shredder. Our blades are hot forged from a steel specially developed for extremely heavy work condition and core hardened with a complex process that ensures high hardness and resilience. The advantage of ...

    By SatrindTech Srl based in Arluno, ITALY. from Customer Service Service line

  • Recycling & Waste Compaction Equipment

    Our range of equipment includes portable and static waste compactors, waste containers, balers, bin crushers, roll packers, grinding systems and shredders. We stock a range of reconditioned waste compactors, balers and shredders.

    By Environmental Waste Controls plc based in Knowsley Business Park, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Power Company Approval Services

    Considering a car shredder? We can perform a power study which will model the shredder on the local power grid and show the effect it will have on the electrical system. For most sites flicker will be the most serious issue, but we can also model other power quality issues such as harmonics and power factor. We work with all types of electric ...

    By Quad Plus based in Joliet, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Parts & Service

    SSI Shredding Systems provides innovative engineered designs, superior quality manufacturing and expert service for the industrial shredder and compaction industry worldwide. At SSI, your long-term satisfaction is extremely important to us. Superior quality components, on-site diagnostics and factory technicians available 24 hours a day are just a ...

    By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA).

  • Residential Shredding Services

    Identity theft is a threat to the financial security of your family. Shredding all your financial statements and mail is a precaution that every security expert recommends. Paper is still the most common method that thieves use to get your information. For less than the price of buying a home paper shredder you can have a residential shredding ...

    By Shred Nations based in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Nonferrous Separation Services

    U.S. Shredder builds the most efficient nonferrous systems in the world. We work with industry leading suppliers to provide state of the art technology for our nonferrous separation solutions.

    By The US Shredder and Castings Group based in Miramar Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

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    Aluminium Recycling Service

    To achieve the required type of end-product different standard recycling plants are available. These standard plants are also the starting point when plants are tailored to suit specific customer requirements. The system offered by Eldan Recycling for processing of aluminium waste is modular and designed to process many different types of input ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Recycling Areas Service line

  • Hard Drive Data Destruction Service

    Arion Global Inc. provides the ultimate service for securely, quickly and completely destroying any quantity of hard drives, back-up-tapes, memory devices, CD’s, etc. The company renders both on-site and off-site data destruction services. Our plant based shredders and mobile shredders offer all data unrecoverable as we can shred down to a ...

    By Arion Global, Inc. based in Commerce, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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