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Engineering Services/Waste Handling

by Fusion Environmental Corporation     based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

While our goal is to provide our clients with the best available pollution control solutions in some cases implementation of costly equipment can be avoided by performing initial process or equipment reviews.

3E - Hazardous Waste Services

by 3E Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

It seems we hear or read about a large corporation being fined for illegal waste disposal or improper storage practices far too often. Keeping up with the myriad of local, state, and federal requirements is difficult. 3E Waste Services offer valuable resources to assist in fulfilling hazardous waste compliance obligations and keep your company out ...

Handle Hazardous Waste Services

by NORD a/s     based in Nyborg, DENMARK

NORD’s incineration technology is categorised as the Best Available Technique (BAT) for treatment of substances that impact the environment, and  BAT is recommended by the EU.NORD's plants are optimised to incinerate hazardous waste - we have the necessary facilities to receive, store and analyse your waste before it is incinerated ...

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling Services

by Eldan Recycling A/S     based in Faaborg, DENMARK

Due to the rising energy costs, landfill directives and importance of alternative energy sources it will be necessary to exploit the energy content of the waste to substitute fuel, RDF - residual derived fuel. The production of RDF is the optimum solution both environmentally and economically. The Eldan Recycling System is designed for size ...

Hazardous Waste Recycling Service

by Total Waste Management Ltd     based in Harlow, UNITED KINGDOM

Total Waste Management offers recycling and waste management for every type of hazardous waste. Being fully licensed to carry and handle hazardous waste, you will never have any legal fines or charges come back to you. We will send a company representative free of charge to your site and identify the best method of dealing with your hazardous ...

Reception and Handling of Construction Waste Services

by Delete Group Oy     based in Nurmijärvi, FINLAND

We serve our customers, beginning with a waste processing plan. We carry out every stage of the process according to agreed methods and we provide a waste report on the process, indicating the end-product distribution.Our goal is to achieve a cleaner environment and to recover recyclable materials.

Construction & Demolition Disposal

by Veolia North America, Industrial Business     based in Lombard, ILLINOIS (USA)

Veolia Environmental Services provides disposal services for all your construction and demolition needs. Our transfer stations and landfills handle direct haul volumes from construction and development sites. By offering local collection and disposal, Veolia Environmental Services is able to provide economical and secure services.

Waste Management Services

by Total Waste Management Ltd     based in Harlow, UNITED KINGDOM

With licences to carry hazardous and special waste our transfer station can accommodate almost any type of waste. We endeavour to recycle over 85% of all material we handle. Recycling this percentage significantly reduces the volume we send to landfill sites. Not only does this minimise the effect to our surrounding environment but also means we ...

Material Recycling Services

by Clarity Environmental Limited     based in Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM

There are now very few materials that can’t be recycled. Waste recycling techniques have developed considerably and, together with increases in landfill tax, it makes more financial sense than ever to recycle waste and divert it from landfill or incineration. Clarity can offer a range of services and solutions to meet all of your waste and ...

Bulk Wastes Services

by Enviroco Ltd     based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM

We have a fleet of collection and removal vehicles, including ADR rated vacuum tankers, which are available to collect your bulk hazardous wastes.

Packaged Wastes Service

by Enviroco Ltd     based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM

Enviroco provides an integrated hazardous waste collection and recovery/disposal service, focusing on service excellence, safety, and environmental compliance. Our specialist team will provide you with options from our diverse range of containers to help you with the segregation, storage and collection of your hazardous waste.

Embedded Personnel Services

by Enviroco Ltd     based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM

We recognise that some of our customers will require a more continuous and on-site level of support when it comes to the handling, assessment and onward transfer of their site wastes. As such, we offer an Enviroco on-site waste presence.

Non-Hazardous Wastes and Resources Services

by Enviroco Ltd     based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM

Enviroco will ensure that your non-hazardous waste resources are handled and routed according to your environmental and financial objectives, whilst also following the principles of the waste hierarchy to divert as much as we possibly can away from landfill and final disposal.  We have strong, established and long-standing relationships with ...

Container Rental Services

by Enviroco Ltd     based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM

We know that you will have differing needs when it comes to handling and storing your waste materials. Our broad range of containers provides you with a choice of containment solutions which are designed to meet your exact segregation and storage requirements. Our comprehensive selection of skips, bins, boxes, and bulk containers vary in capacity ...

Mud Handling Plant

by Dr. Baer Verfahrenstechnik GmbH     based in Frankfurt/Main, GERMANY

Electroflotation plant of an airport maintenance and overhaul base for the treatment of effluent from washing airplanes, overhaul and testing of jet engines, electroplating and painting shops. Capacity: 40 m³/h. Emphasis in research and development of new processes has been placed from the beginning on the cost-effective treatment of the ...

Red Bag Medical Waste Management Services

by Stericycle, Inc.     based in Lake Forest, ILLINOIS (USA)

Stericycle specializes in the proper disposal of medical waste, which includes “red bag” or “soft” medical waste and sharps disposal. We focus on making our medical waste management services flexible, compliant, and convenient, so you can focus on your core business.

Design and Engineering

by econ industries GmbH     based in Starnberg, GERMANY

During the initial conceptual engineering phase, econ provides all the necessary documents required for investment decisions to be made and to gain approval from the local authorities. During this process we customise the standard VacuDry® plant design according to the client’s individual requirements, especially regarding individual ...

Sanitary Landfills, Sludge and Sediment Disposal Services

by COWI A/S     based in Kongens Lyngby, DENMARK

COWI is an active player in the development of modern solid waste handling and disposal systems including sanitary landfills. The final destination for waste which cannot be recycled or recovered is a sanitary landfill. A modern sanitary landfill, however, that meets today’s standards does not only include contained cells for waste ...

Waste Management Planning Services

by COWI A/S     based in Kongens Lyngby, DENMARK

Waste management planning from policy to technical solution is increasingly relevant due to the need for cost-effective and environmental sustainable solutions organised via PPP. Worldwide, there is a growing need for sustainable and coherent solutions to municipal and industrial waste management problems. COWI's experience in waste management ...

Waste Collection Systems Services

by COWI A/S     based in Kongens Lyngby, DENMARK

COWI provides services within waste collection, source separation, recycling, thermal treatment, biological treatment and recovery facilities. Coherent waste collection and treatment schemes are necessary if waste is not to become an ever-growing problem. The schemes must provide viable solutions that satisfy users' needs. COWI has taken part in ...

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