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Other machines for environmental

by Over Técnica Ambiental, S.L.     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

The OVER PRESS 5 packing presses are a solution to the reduction of waste such as cardboard, paper, shrink-wrap plastic and film, bags, containers, etc. Its easy handling and appropriate design convert it into an ideal machine for you to be able to reduce bulky waste to the most in the least possible space.

Sludge Digestion and Energy Recovery

by Cadagua     based in Bilbao, SPAIN

One concern modern society has is protection of the environment. Reduction in energy consumption, preservation of the sources of raw materials and the waste reduction are main factors to ensure this. Waste produced must be stabilised and made inert and, if possible, must be turned into the object of clean technology development by reuse or ...

PCB Replacement Solutions

by Envio Recycling GmbH & Co. KG     Office in Barcelona, SPAIN

Substituting Hazardous Waste with State-of-the-Art Technology. Envio can provide a complete transformer or capacitor replacement solution comprising some or all of the services listed: recycling of PCB-contaminated equipment; delivery of new transformers or capacitors; electrical systems consulting; innovative financing, when possible including ...

Carbon Credits Investment Management

by Zeroemissions (Abeinsa)     based in Palmas Altas - Sevilla, SPAIN

Carbon markets emerge from the buying-selling of emission allowances and credits of emission reductions to allow countries and companies meet their commitments for greenhouse gas emissions. The national allocation plans (NAPs) determine the limit of emissions for each facility, creating the necessary shortages to have a market.

Invisibleleak Urban Environments Services

by ITECH 515, SL     based in Polígono Riu Clar, SPAIN

Around 90% of water leaks are not visible as they happen in buried pipelines. With our technology, ultrasounds, image, georadar, thermography, gas, etc., we can detect them reducing the cost and the environmental impact.

Environmental Management Systems

by Iberdrola     based in BILBAO (Bizkaia), SPAIN

IBERDROLA has a Global Environmental Management System implemented in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, which was certified in 2006 and it has been renewed in 2012 by the Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association (AENOR) and enables environmental risks to be minimised by improving resource management and optimising ...

Fuel & Cement Industries

by FERRO DUO GmbH     Office in Madrid, SPAIN

Ferro Duo cooperates in a variety of ways with the concrete and cement industry.Worldwide we supply not only cement raw materials such as iron oxides, aluminium oxides (bauxite),slags (slag sand), sands, fly ash and gypsum, but also develop customer-related products and plant technologies. Moreover we also make raw materials for the production of ...

Optimization and Capacity Increases

by Air Products     Office in Madrid, SPAIN

Our experts can help you assess your plant capacity and offer novel solutions to help you upgrade—often without major capital expense. Our variable pricing structure allows you to install upgrades when you need them, without having to pay for them when you don't need increased capacity.

Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Guidence

by atg UV Technology     Distributor in SPAIN

With atg UV systems treating in excess of 2500 m3/hr daily, Ultraviolet disinfection is no longer an ‘emerging' technology.  A number of Water Treatment Works across the world are now investing heavily in Ultraviolet technology, as the threat of chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia continues to pose a serious ...

Independent Validation Services

by atg UV Technology     Distributor in SPAIN

atg UV Technology are committed to continuous innovation and product development. The technical aspects of the business are split into two main sections: Research and Development and Validations/Approvals.

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