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Land-based activities are one of the few opportunities currently available to sequester carbon that has already been released into the atmosphere. Through our Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia and our regional work, ClimateWorks has developed a robust understanding of the opportunities available to land owners to reduce emissions from farming and forestry practices, and increase carbon stored in soils and vegetation. Our work with land sector experts suggests that many of these activities also deliver productivity benefits to land owners, as well as biodiversity benefits for the natural landscape.

Solutions available through land-based activities include:

  • Improving livestock management practices can improve productivity by increasing the rate at which feed is converted to protein, while reducing Australia's emissions by 6.1 million tonnes per year
  • Trees planted for biodiversity benefits act as carbon sinks on farms, with the potential to reduce Australia's emissions by 43.6 million tonnes a year
  • Increasing carbon stored in soils and vegetation through best practice farming can reduce emissions by 24.2 million tonnes per year

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