Land Management



The British Government’s new housing target, coupled with an emphasis on brownfield development, means that the need for expert assistance in development that is sensitive to environmental, economic and legislative requirements, has never been greater.

No other environmental consultancy can boast the track record, credibility or depth and breadth of scientific knowledge offered by ADAS.

With decades of experience, ADAS offers a unique blend of research, analysis, modelling and consultancy services to clients, ranging from Government to regional and local authorities, and from major developers and engineering contractors to individual house builders, land owners, land managers and farmers.

For an opinion on land related issues, ask anyone.
For the most authoritative, professional help and advice, ask ADAS.

ADAS services include:

  • Contaminated Land
    Sampling and analysis. Risk assessments. Data interpretation and remediation method selection. Pollution studies. Air accident clean-up. See also the Soil Management page and out other business: Envar.
  • Soil Management 
    Soil fertility studies. Assessment of land management practices on soil physical and chemical properties. Soil protection and enhancement. Manure management with ‘MANNER’. Nutrient management with ‘PLANET’.
  • Landscapes
    Visual impact and landscape character assessments. Policy formulation. Expert review. Forward planning for local and regional authorities. Development control. EIA’s. Wind turbine feasibility, planning and site construction.
  • Planning and Development
    Soil assessment for planning applications. Agricultural Land Classification. Management plans. Chemical and geotechnical analysis. Expert witness. Soil manufacture for land reclamation, EIA’s. See also the Soil Management page and our other business: Envar.
  • Government Policy
    Research, advice, development and implementation of new policy.
  • Land Reclamation 
    Soil analysis and remediation. Restoration of waste sites, mineral workings and industrial land. Soil profile design. Habitat creation. After-care schemes. See also the Soil Management page and our other business.

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