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Like aspirin, AES can cure many of the headaches that plague landfill and quarry owners and managers. Yes, we close and reclaim these, but we also provide a host of services for landfills and quarries during and even before their active life. AES is famous for obtaining - in a non-divisive way - neighbor, regulatory, and elective official support of continued operations and expansions of facilities.

In addition, laws, rules, regulations and attitudes of regulatory agencies towards landfills and quarries vary widely across the country. AES has worked closely with innumerable agencies in the United States and Canada. With 30+ years of experience, we can plan, do or manage everything necessary from beginning to closure (and beyond). And whenever possible, we use our Natural Systems Approach (Mother Nature’s own systems packaged so we can install them where we need them) to design cost-effective and ecologically sound features.

The results? Our projects have been used as models and references by both regulatory agencies and conservation organizations such as the Sierra Club and Audubon Society. So maybe we can please everybody.

Greenfield Siting is probably the most daunting of all operations. But our strategy is to win the hearts and minds of the opposition. We often suggest starting with the ending – what it’s going to look like when they inherit it as a natural and recreational area. Use AES as the lead for this; ecology has no agenda.

Expanding a landfill is almost as trying an experience as siting a landfill. But AES’ can help you with the tools, strategies and tactics to accomplish this. 

Maintaining a landfill is an every-day struggle. AES can do the monitoring and studies necessary to keep an eye on critical standards. In addition, many landfills have hundreds, sometimes thousands of acres of buffer. AES can help you used these buffers for positive ecological purposes and, therefore, goodwill, public relations and even income.

Closing: 20, 30 or more years ago, what did your company put in the Closure Plan? Is The Plan detailed, or not-so-much? What new state or federal regs have been put in place over that time?

Your company is responsible for that property in perpetuity. You need a partner you can trust to do the closure right, so that you’ll be safe decades from now. You need AES. Our closures have not only satisfied clients, but they’ve also been used as models and reference projects by regulatory agencies and conservation organizations such as the Sierra Club, Audubon Society and a multiple “friends of…” groups. We also have excellent relations with many Non-Profits (like the two just mentioned) who are often willing to take on stewardship of your landfill after you’re gone.

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