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Lead Consulting and Testing

Lead overexposure is one of the most common overexposures found in the industry and is a leading cause of workplace illness. It is also a major, potential public health risk. In general populations, lead may be present in hazardous concentrations in food, water, and air. Sources include paint, urban dust, and folk remedies. Lead poisoning is the leading environmentally induced illness in children. At greatest risk are children under the age of six because they are undergoing rapid neurological and physical development.

Federal Lead Paint Disclosure Requirements

  • LANDLORDS – must disclose known information on lead based paint hazards before leases can take effect
  • SELLERS – must disclose known lead based paint hazards prior to selling a home
  • BUYERS – must be given up to 10 days to conduct a lead inspection and/or risk assessment
  • CONTRACTORS/OWNERS – must protect workers from exposure to lead
  • INDUSTRIES/INSTITUTIONS – must document presence of lead in facilities to comply with OSHA and Department of Commerce exposure limits

Lead Services
Consulting Services

  • Inspection Surveys
  • On-site Surface Sampling and Analysis
  • Risk Assessments
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Demolition Monitoring
  • Construction Management
  • Project Design Specifications
  • Review & Selection of Contractor
  • Mitigation Project Management
  • Hazard Communication Programs
  • Public Awareness Seminars & Programs

Direct and Immediate Access to Laboratory Services

  • Lead Analysis (GFAA or ICP)

Lead Inspection or Lead Risk Assessment
A Lead Inspection will tell you:

  • If there is lead present
  • Where the lead is

A Risk Assessment will identify:

  • Lead hazards
  • Options for control

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