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Lead is a highly toxic metal that is essentially indestructible and is ubiquitous in the environment. There are three (3) major sources of lead, and they are as follows: Lead-Based Paint (LBP): LBP is the most serious source of children's exposure. The highest concentrations come from lead-painted homes and buildings built before 1940 and from deteriorating LBP. Urban Soil and Dust: Lead contaminated urban soil is soil that is contaminated by (1) non-industrial sources such as paint, gasoline, and household wastes (e.g., used oil); and/or (2) industrial sources (e.g., battery recycling sites, mining and milling sites, and smelters).

Lead in Drinking Water: Lead occurs in drinking water primarily due to the corrosion of lead-bearing materials in water supply distribution systems (e.g., service lines, goosenecks, water meters), and in household plumbing (e.g., lead soldered copper lines, brass faucets, and brass fixtures). The highest levels are found in areas with corrosive waters, especially in older urban areas with lead service lines and in mains, in homes with newly installed lead solder (now illegal) and brass faucets, and in buildings with drinking water coolers containing lead-lined coolers.

Aires' offers Lead Services in the following areas:

  • Inspection Surveys/Physical Assessment
  • On-site Surface sampling and analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Demolition Monitoring
  • Abatement Contracting
  • Development/Abatement Design
  • Awareness Training
  • Professional and Technical evaluation of results
  • Comprehensive written reports

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