Leak Detection


WATERLEAK teams locate leaks accurately for many large organisations, Blue Chip companies and local authorities.

  • Qualified and experienced Engineers
  • The latest detection technology
  • All Commercial and Industrial systems
  • All governmental buildings and establishments
  • All pipe sizes and lengths
  • Water supply, fire mains, heating systems
  • Pipe location surveys and mapping
  • All repairs
  • We provide water leak detection services in buildings and pipe work. This includes detecting underground water leaks, heating systems and building envelopes.
  • Finding water leaks can be a costly & lengthy process so having the right equipment and expertise allows us to efficiently locate the leak source and save our clients time and money.
  • The water leak detectors that our engineers carry include Thermal Imaging Cameras, Ground Microphones, Leak Correlators, Acoustic  data Loggers.
  • We combine this equipment and in some cases bespoke leak detection systems to suit individual clients needs.

WATERLEAK provide a Water Resource Management Service. We are able to provide a remote water usage monitoring service. This is done by connecting a data logger to any water meter which then allows the consumption to be monitored remotely so that any sudden increase can be investigated before a significant volume of water can be lost. The data is normally transmitted via telephone lines or the GPRS network.

A second advantage to monitoring consumption is that it enables the water demands to be examined so that any unnecessary usage can be reduced. This is done by identifying where water is being consumed and comparing that to the volume passing through the meter at any given time. By then introducing our systems that minimise the water demand or by changing the way water consuming activities are carried out the overall consumption can be considerably reduced. This will usually give energy savings that will far out way any initial setup or monitoring charges.

  • The leak team at WATERLEAK accurately pinpoint cracks  in the hidden pipe network to within half a metre using the latest detection devices.
  • When water pipes are old and in poor condition leakage can cause problems such as flooding, loss of water pressure and costly waste from the distribution system. On private land responsibility for repairing the leak rests with the property owner, but specialist help and advice is at hand.
  •  WATERLEAK is able to undertake water leak detection and location (i.e. non-visible, below ground losses) using water industry standard practice including pipe tracing, step testing, transfer testing, top sounding and real time multi-point correlation.
  •  This activity is undertaken using only WATERLEAK trained and employed personnel.
  •  Pipe tracing is undertaken using flexitrace locators. These use a variety of techniques to detect and map underground pipe, in particular the generation of a radio signal that is transmitted through the pipe which is then picked up by the detector enabling a very accurate identification of the location of underground pipes. Pipes buried at depths of up to 3 meters can be detected using these methods.
  •  Step testing involves the isolation of exact  zones, then the monitoring of the variation of consumption within these thus enabling the particular zone(s) with the leak to be identified and isolated.
  •  Transfer testing through the revision of supply arrangements, changing zoned areas in conjunction with step testing. This activity aids the process of leak location by positional iteration. This is particularly useful where the zones  cannot be easily divided.
  • Top sounding – standard industry techniques using sounding and listening equipment. This ranges from the simplest technique that involves the use of a sounding stick pressed to the engineer’s ear through to more sophisticated electronic detection systems using both noise and heat.  
  • Ground Microphones
  • Electronic listening equipment amplifies the sound given off by a water leak, our team use their years of experience and expertise to accurately pinpoint the leak and mark off in order for repairs, to be swiftly completed by our repair team.
  • Water leak repairs
  • Upon completion of the water leak detection a report containing specification and cost or repairs is sent to the client electronically, we will in most instances quantify the water losses and report the monetary value. Upon receipt of approval we excavate, repair and reinstate all surfaces.

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