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LEED Commissioning Services

A.B.L is well experienced to provide following services for LEED Commissioning Authority Services.

CxA – General Responsibilities:

  1. Organize and lead the commissioning team.
  2. Review of Design and Construction Documentations and make recommendations to the design team.
  3. Prepare a commissioning plan.
  4. Convening commissioning team meetings and have them documented.
  5. Review / prepare Project-specific construction checklists and commissioning process test procedures.
  6. Verify the execution of commissioning process activities, Verification will include, but is not limited to, equipment submittals, construction checklists, training, operating and maintenance data, tests, and test reports to verify compliance with the OPR.
  7. Prepare and maintain the Issues Log.
  8. Prepare and maintain completed construction checklist log.
  9. Witness systems, assemblies, equipment, and component startup.
  10. Compile test data, inspection reports, and certificates; include them in the systems manual and commissioning process report.

1. LEED: Fundamental Commissioning
Fundamental Commissioning is a prerequisite and requires the following:

  • Assist with the OPR (Owner's Project Requirements).
  • Make sure the BOD (Basis Of Design) is being developed by the design team.
  • Review the OPR and the BOD to make sure that they are in agreement.
  • Verify that commissioning requirements are included with the construction documents.
  • Develop and implementation of Commissioning Plan.
  • Verify the installation and performance of the following systems.
  • Perform functional testing on following systems.
  • Delivery of Commissioning Report.

2. LEED: Enhanced Commissioning
Enhanced commissioning requires the following in addition to all the Basic Requirements:

  • Perform a 50% Construction Document Review
  • Review submittals of commissioned systems
  • Produce a systems manual for commissioned systems
  • Verify training requirements are complete
  • Participate in the '11-mo' walk through (LEED says 8-10 month) but the intent of this is to review the building operations with the owner prior to the standard 12-month contractor warranties expire.

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