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ZephIR was the first wind Lidar to be made readily accessible to Research Institutes and Industry alike, for use in their wind measurement campaigns. Its introduction marked the start of a new era in the way wind was measured remotely within the global wind energy and other industries. Since ZephIR’s introduction, the global research community has played a very important early role in defining/proving the applications and methodologies that extracted the best value from remote wind sensing technologies. ZephIR Lidar wishes to encourage and support ongoing research in this area and as such has launched the ZephIR Lidar Research Programme.

The ZephIR Lidar Research Programme provides Research Institutes with the ability to apply for a complimentary loan of the latest generation ZephIR300 lidar (including technical support and guidance), for use in their wind measurement campaign, with the objective of demonstrating the effective use of wind lidar in varying applications.

Wind measurement campaigns can last up to a period of three months, a ZephIR Lidar shall be provided at no cost to the Research Institute, in order to enhance or advance the use of lidar within primarily the wind and meteorological industries. Other industries shall also be considered. The application can be varied in content and complexity; from the novel to a basic validation. Publication of the wind measurement campaigns shall be encouraged and support here can be provided if required.

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