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Life Cycle Assessment


The goal of a life cycle assessment (LCA) is to provide decision makers with the knowledge to assess, improve and manage their products and services.

Life cycle assessment helps companies measure the environmental impact of their products and services across all life cycle stages; from extraction of raw materials, through to manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal.

Applications of an LCA

  • Determine and monitor the most significant environmental aspects
  • Establish a baseline for comparison
  • Monitor and label impacts
  • Set sustainability goals
  • Communicate improvements

Our Consultancy Team conducts the full range of LCA studies: from large ISO compatible studies to screenings which take less than a week. We also provide the world's most widely used LCA software SimaPro, as well as LCA and SimaPro training. Are you interested in learning more about the LCA methodology?

Below you will find an overview of the different LCA studies we offer.

Screening LCA
An ISO compatible study is not always necessary for internal communication purposes. A screening helps you identify ‘hot spots’ in your product life cycle, relevant activities, and whether more in-depth information is necessary. If your product systems include commonly used materials and processes, a screening can take a matter of days not weeks.

Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis are important elements of a screening. We always ask ourselves if we need more information for the stability of the conclusions or whether we already know enough to answer our client’s question.

If you want to inform a broad group of stakeholders or are interested in a robust answer for a specific question you will need a peer reviewed, fully documented, ISO compatible study. Data collection is more intensive in a full LCA and you should remember that even the most detailed LCA will always remain a model of a complex reality; there will always be data gaps, subjective choices and uncertainties involved.

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