Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Consulting


The ultimate overview of the environmental impact of your product, process or service.

See the bigger picture through holistic analysis

thinkstep LCA consulting experts can help you improve your understanding of the environmental impact of your products, processes or services by conducting:

  • A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which enables your organization to analyze the entire life cycle of your products or services with regard to its environmental impacts and to display these analyses in a transparent way.
  • A carbon footprint or water footprint based on a full Life Cycle Assessment model
  • A review of an Life Cycle Assessment in accordance with the ISO standard to enhance the credibility of the statements.

Spot problems early

Determine and mitigate potential environmental risks of existing products and new developments early with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Continuously improve products and services

Understand the relevance of each life cycle stage and identify the most efficient measures for improvement with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Reinforce promotional claims

Make credible environmental claims about your product in the market by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Analyses and comparisons of product, process and services according to the ISO standard covering the whole life cycle from the production of raw materials to end of life.

Analyse your company's products and processes with the help of thinkstep's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Carbon Footprint: Calculations of greenhouse gas emissions stemming from products as well as companies.
  • Water Footprint: Determine the balance of water consumption over the course of the production chain, life cycle and at the organisation site.
  • Critical Review: Review of comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies in accordance with the ISO standard.
  • Social LCA: Analysis and illustration of scalable social factors with reference to products.
  • Life Cycle Costing (LCC): Analysis and illustration of the life cycle costs of a product.

Every Life Cycle Assessment, also known as Life Cycle Analysis, is grounded on the same basic principle with varying areas of application extending from carbon footprints, water balances, analyses of material flows and processes to examinations of social and economic factors facing an organisation.

Life Cycle Assessment - maximise your environmental performance

By considering the whole life cycle of a product or service, incurred environmental impacts can, not only be partially avoided, but be exposed for analysis. This allows us to determine in which phase of life (whether it be in the production of raw materials or to disposal) cause the greatest harm to the environment. Therefore, specific organisation activities can be both identified and adjusted to maximise environmental performance where it is most beneficial.

Broad LCA experience across all industry branches

To achieve this aim of environmental optimality, individual solutions are necessary due to the diversity of requirements for various products and branches of industry. thinkstep has broad experience in completing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analyses across the spectrum of all significant industry branches uniquely equipping us to provide those individual solutions:

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