Liquid Handling Service


Liquid handlers continue to be integral to most laboratory processes, but the significant impact of the liquid handling component of overall assay variability is often underappreciated or ignored. Only Artel specialists can provide expert testing using the Artel MVS® — under the real conditions in your laboratory — giving you confidence that your assay results are grounded in reliable liquid handling performance.

Consult with Artel Specialists about your liquid handling verification requirements

you discuss how you use your liquid handlers in your everyday work and we customize the testing to cover your specific volumes, liquid types and labware.
Artel measures and verifies instrument performance for virtually any volume and any liquid handler

using the standardized and fully traceable Artel MVS technology, accuracy and precision measurements are collected for each test volume.
Summary of measurements is provided in an auditable form

we provide a report summarizing your liquid handler performance and providing recommendations for getting the best performance from your instrumentation.
Increase productivity and be confident in your assay results

with Artel’s world-class expertise and liquid measurement technology, liquid handling can be removed as a source of error in your processes.

Artel provides the only completely customized liquid handling service

You know your liquid handlers need to be verified, but you don’t have the time or resources to test them as often as you or your auditors would like. You need an expert service partner with a reliable measurement method to provide you with liquid handler accuracy and precision measurements for all of the liquid handlers in your lab, regardless of make or model.

Artel offers the only completely customizable on-site liquid handler performance measurement and optimization service providing standards-compliant, NIST-traceable results from an independent, third-party expert for all instrument types.

Once the as-found performance of your liquid handlers is established, we can help you adjust the method parameters to get the very best performance from your investment and all results will be delivered in a format that best fits your quality control process.

Customized services may include:

  • Ensuring instrument and method compliance
  • Measuring performance of a variety of equipment (e.g. bulk dispensers, plate washers, mixers)
  • Testing the available consumables choices
  • Testing results at the assay level by mimicking the same parameters used in an actual experiment
  • Site acceptance testing of new equipment
  • Thorough performance validation after repair or maintenance
  • Side-by-side comparison between methods and devices
  • Development and evaluation of new volume transfer strategies: Reverse mode pipetting vs. forward mode; air gap use; tip touches; dispense rates/heights;  wet dispense vs. dry dispense

Good data happens when you get an automated liquid handling expert for a day.

With the Artel Liquid Handling Service, you get a liquid handling expert in your lab for a day, a series of days, or on a regular schedule, to verify your automated liquid handling methods. The Artel specialist comes with all the necessary NIST-traceable verification equipment, and works with you to troubleshoot and/or optimize methods so you can maximize reproducibility and data quality by minimizing variability.

Step 1: Call to schedule a service

When you reach out to the Artel Liquid Handling Service, one of our specialists will discuss and assess your needs and develop a plan for the service visit. Our specialists have extensive experience with the most commonly-used automated liquid handlers that dispense critical volumes:

  • Tecan (Freedom Evo, HP D300)
  • Labcyte (Echo)
  • Hamilton (Star)
  • Eppendorf (epMotion)
  • Agilent (Bravo)
  • Beckman (NX, FX, 3000/4000)

Note that our diverse team has experience with a great many more liquid handlers than appear on this list, so contact us even if you don’t see your liquid handler listed here, and we’ll work with you to develop a verification plan.

Step 2: Artel specialist conducts on-site service

During the on-site service, your Artel specialist will come fully equipped to test, troubleshoot, and verify the methods and labware used in your daily workflows, collecting all the data needed for internal and regulatory-compliant reports.

Step 3: You get a regulatory-compliant report

After the visit, your specialist will help you meet regulatory requirements by providing reports in the appropriate format for your regulatory body.

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