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Maintenance Optimization for Process Instrumentation

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Optimize maintenance costs and improve plant availability through a well-balanced maintenance plan. By combining your process competence with Endress+Hauser's automation know-how, we collaborate through a planned and practical approach to improve your maintenance efficiency while achieving compliance with safety, quality and environmental ...

Sales Services

by Vitone Eco S.r.l.     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Sales Department of VITONE ECO analyses each specific request, and analysing process data given by potential customers, identifies and recommends the more suitable technical solution. When determines and defines conditions of its own offer, VITONE ECO Sales Department follows a Win/Win approach: it cares i.e. to estimate customer's approval as far ...

Assistance Services

by Vitone Eco S.r.l.     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Aim of VITONE ECO is to support customers with an assistance that could be as efficient as possible, in order to avoid rundowns or downtimes. Helpline and availability of spare parts are assured all the days on a 24 hrs/day basis. It is also available an assistance service of remote control system, so that it is possible to monitor simply from the ...

Construction Services

by Vitone Eco S.r.l.     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

The contract of sale is analysed by the sales department in the presence of all the persons responsible of other departments involved (production, logistics, purchasing, auditing), so that each of them proceeds as far as he is up to in the execution of the order, in the supplying of materials and in the organization of internal resources. VITONE ...

Testing Services

by Vitone Eco S.r.l.     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

When on-site installation is completed, VITONE ECO testers check: The correct sense of rotation of each motor; the degree to which the pipes are water-tight; correct electrical connections.

Engineering Services for Process Automation

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Solutions to meet your plant's process requirements while ensuring optimal performance. For new or renovationed plant projects, our engineering services allows you to ensure optimum performance from the engineering to operation phase with efficient and sustainable solutions. With state-of-the-art engineering tools, we complete the planning and ...

Calibration Services for Process Automation

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Cost-effective, reliable calibration as and when needed. Regular calibration is essential to keep the instrumentation controlling your quality-critical processes in spec. Endress+Hauser provides timely, traceable, and cost-effective services that are accompanied by clear and concise calibration certificates. From in-situ testing to fully ...

Maintenance Services of Field Instrumentation

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Ensure maximum availability and performance of your process with the right degree of maintenance. A full range of maintenance services are available to allow you to better manage your maintenance costs. From inspection to preventative maintenance services, Endress+Hauser supports you to define the right maintenance regimen based on your plant's ...

Commissioning Services for Process Automation

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Have your process up and running on time and on budget. Proper commissioning of your process instrumentation is essential. During the start-up phase, time, resource availability and access to specific skills could become critical factors. Utilizing Endress+Hauser's commissioning services allows you to achieve long-term operational benefits. The ...

Support Services for Process Automation

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Keep your critical applications up and running and minimize risk of process interruption. Endress+Hauser's technical support experts ensure your installed base of instruments, software, and/or automated solutions are kept running smoothly over time. The support is tailored to meet your needs and is available worldwide and around the clock to ...

Delivery Services

by Vitone Eco S.r.l.     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

Thanks to its network of road haulage operators, VITONE ECO organises the delivery of its own machinery to every country in the world, both overland and by sea. Customers receive machinery in perfect conditions and as soon as possible also thanks to the care by which the company prepares packaging and loads and to the accuracy of drawing up of ...

Installation Services

by Vitone Eco S.r.l.     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

According to specific requirements, VITONE ECO can provide services of assembly and installation at the customer's site. Specialised assemblers will make all water and mechanical connections among machinery and will connect all control boards to electric connections. This avoids any mistakes in the connections and it prevents malfunction in the ...

Informatics Professional Services

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in BULGARIA

Waters® Laboratory Informatics solutions provide laboratories with a foundation for capturing, organizing, and storing scientific information. The end result: Easier data access, which facilitates compliance and aids in intellectual property administration.Our Enterprise Software Solutions team of highly trained, experienced software professionals ...

Instrument Services

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in BULGARIA

Be Assured. Choose Waters Global ServicesWaters Global Services focuses on optimizing Waters products with superior service, support, training, upgrades, and Waters Quality Parts®.Only the Waters Service team has the most in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the advanced science and technologies that provide the foundation for Waters systems. This ...

Laboratory Analytics

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in BULGARIA

Waters offers a range of laboratory analytics tools and services for Empower Chromatography Software users that help maximize laboratory resources for increased productivity and cost savings:Empower Driven Services – Provide unprecedented visibility into the utilization, efficiency, and financial implications of your laboratory’s instruments ...

Preparative OBD Columns Calculator

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in BULGARIA

These scale-up tools are designed to provide: Mass load scaling. Gradient scaling with appropriate flow rate scale-up and predicting volume consumption. Calculations for split flow ratios for those using mass spectrometer driven chromatography. Focused gradient UPLC to preparative method transfer.

Infrastructure Services

by Geotechmin SVS Ltd     based in Sofia, BULGARIA

One of GEOTECHMIN's business units with high priority is Infrastructure. The development of this sphere of activity is entrusted to several companies which are engaged in: construction, repair and maintenance of roads, road facilities and communication networks; construction and reconstruction of tramways and railroads; design and construction of ...

Services – Individual Solutions for All Waste Problems

by A. S. A. Abfall Service AG     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

In .A.S.A., waste management is based on individual customer requirements and offers consulting in all legal and logistical matters.By using innovative solutions and the staff’s skills, the company continuously develops optimum disposal concepts for the municipal, industrial, commercial and retail sectors as well as households. The entire ...

Municipalities Services

by A. S. A. Abfall Service AG     Office in Sofia, BULGARIA

.A.S.A. is a strong partner for municipalities. It disposes domestic waste collected from more than 2,5 million residents and provides such municipal services as road cleaning, winter services, cemetery management and many more in many major cities. .A.S.A. has entered into close cooperation and joint ventures with many cities and ...

possible W-T-E projects development in Bulgaria

by Foundation HANS BINDER     based in Sofia, BULGARIA

Our Foundation is acting in Bulgaria as business development consultants and projects coordinator for local municipalitiesin the environment protection and renewable energies branch , W-T-E projects development with possible high profit long term for the foreign developers/investors.

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