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    Emergency Response Services

    Improper handling of hazardous materials can result in adverse effects to human and animal health as well as the environment. Failure to respond quickly to an unintended incident can turn a small incident into a larger one, increasing the impact of the event on the environment - not to mention the risk of a violation if not handled properly. ...

    By Verisk 3E Office in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Emergency Response Services Service line

  • Risk Management and Decision-Support

    We have specialized technical expertise and analytical skills to provide 3rd party assessment, evaluation and performance validation of technologies, products and approaches. We have unique expertise in the area of Impact Quantification.Our BLOOM IQ™ provides decision makers with a comprehensive picture of the net economic, environmental and ...

    By BLOOM based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Decision Support Software Systems Services

    Benefits & costs, proposal specifications, proposal evaluation, performance, acceptance, seminars & training.

    By CddHoward Consulting Ltd. based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Decision Analytics for Water Utilities Services

    Driving Capital Efficiency in an Evolving Industry. Over the past century, the water industry has steadily increased its technical and business proficiency, while improving public health and protecting the environment. However, water utilities today are facing unprecedented challenges related to the stewardship of this robust yet aging ...

    By Copperleaf Technologies Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Elyxyr - Information Technology Support Services

    Specialization is one for the first principles taught in an Econ 101 class. Specialization can increase efficiency based on the principles of comparative advantage and economies of scale. Outsourcing is the embodiment of specialization. By outsourcing ‘non-core’ business functions to a service provider who specialize in the outsourced ...

    By Elyxyr Group Inc. based in ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Our Services

    The innovative nature of our approach for addressing water quality assessment and management lies in the use of information technology for the storage, contextualization, processing and reporting of spatiotemporal water quality data from various sources, with the aim of using the resulting information in a decision support context.

    By WaterShed Monitoring based in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Ecosystem Restoration Planning Service

    Restoration of degraded or destroyed ecosystems requires reestablishing fundamental ecosystem processes using effective and efficient approaches. Undertaking ecosystem restoration involves answering integral questions such as what restoration approaches should be employed, and where and how should those approaches be implemented? ESSA has a long ...

    By ESSA Technologies Ltd based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Mining - Exploration and Resource Evaluation

    AGL supports investors and operators in their decisions by providing exploration support, geophysical services, technical audits and data evaluation.

    By Associated Geosciences Ltd. (AGL) based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Information & Research Services

    A critical part of business decision making is knowledge, and CarbonEdge provides the most current up-to-date resources and tools possible to support your business. We offer free eMagazines, paid technical publications, and a growing repository of templates and tools that can quickly get your business on track.

    By CarbonEdge Solutions based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Wiledlife Biology, Biodiversity & Threatened Species

    Wildlife and biodiversity are valued in our society as economic, cultural, scientific, and aesthetic resources. The general public supports and ultimately demands adequate protection of wildlife populations and habitats. As public support grows, professional services and opinion related to wildlife, biodiversity and threatened species become ...

    By IRIS Environmental Systems Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Soil and Water Conservation Solution

    Cengea's soil and water conservation solution is known as Watershed. It is an Internet-based integrated administrative, operational, and decision-making system that supports all conservation business functions and practices across multiple conservation agencies and administrative units. Watershed meets the needs of diverse stakeholders and ...

    By CENGEA Solutions Inc. - a Trimble Company based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Soil and Water Conservation Solution Service line

  • Site Risk Assessment Services

    Risk assessments are a key component of many environmental regulatory decisions, and are often mandated by regulators as part of the site evaluation process. The results of risk assessments often drive the need for remedial actions, support the derivation of cleanup levels, assist in permitting new facilities, and define the requirements for ...

    By Earth Consulting Group, Inc. Office in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Real Estate Due Diligence

    For any real estate transaction it's important to understand whether environmental liabilities exist, their potential scale and how and when they may be triggered. At WSP we have extensive expertise and experience across the world in delivering timely, informed and easily understood due diligence advice to support your investment decisions. We'll ...

    By WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Real Estate Due Diligence Service line

  • Flow and Environmental Monitoring Services

    Your ability to make intelligent decisions about your storm water and sanitary sewer infrastructure is contingent upon having access to reliable, up-to-date data. Civica Infrastructure Inc. is a leader in helping municipalities and regional authorities, and the engineers and consultants who support these organizations, to understand the current ...

    By Civica Infrastructure Inc. based in Vaughan, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Aquatic Risk Assessment Services

    Operations and facilities associated with impacts to an aquatic environment can become a serious liability. Aquatic risk assessment yields information to support important, cost-saving decisions. In the absence of aquatic risk assessment, an operator is too often provided with few options other than a costly remediation plan. Through understanding ...

    By Matrix Solutions Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Aquatic Risk Assessment Services Service line

  • GIS and Spatial Database Management

    TERA provides comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services including cartography, spatial analysis and database management to support critical business, land use and regulatory decision-making. Our Cartographers and GIS Specialists utilise the most current software including Esri ArcGIS, ArcSDE, Visual Nature Studio, Sketchup, Adobe ...

    By TERA Environmental Consultants based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Regulatory Interface Services

    The interface between science and policy is key to applying regulatory guidelines in making appropriate site-specific decisions. Nautilus has an impressive history of effective interface between dischargers and regulatory agencies, including modifying existing regulations, developing site-specific criteria (e.g. Water-Effect Ratios), and ...

    By Nautilus Environmental Office in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Regulatory Interface Services Service line

  • Numerical Modelling Services

    Franz Environmental Inc. (FRANZ) applies advanced modelling techniques to gain an in-depth understanding of subsurface conditions that influence groundwater flow and migration of contaminants in groundwater and soil vapour. From investigating groundwater resources for water supply, to designing groundwater remediation systems, our modelling ...

    By Franz Environmental Inc. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Sustainable Development

    Many businesses and public agencies alike now recognize that a sustainable operating approach—one that is economically sound, ecologically protective, and socially supportive—can help their organizations succeed. They are using sustainable decisions to drive innovation for new products, identify new markets, streamline operations, ...

    By CH2M Hill Companies, Ltd. Office in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sustainable Development Service line

  • Automation Services

    ORIGIN Industries Ltd. provides the following services to enable our clients to discover solutions, make informed decisions and predict outcomes. Automation Engineering, SCADA Engineering, Project Management, Front End Engineering & Design Studies (FEED), Communications and Network Design & Auditing, Acceptance Testing & Commissioning, ...

    By Origin Industries Ltd based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

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