Environmental industry Services in Uganda

  • Environmental Impact Assessment And Auditing

    Due diligence associated with set up of new projects requires proponents to carry out environmental impact assessments (EIA). Assessment of environmental risk associated with proposed new policies requires undertaking Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). For new projects, AWE has excellent expertise and capacity to perform EIA to characterize ...

    By Air Water Earth Limited (AWE) based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Noise Pollution

    AWE has the capacity and resources to carry out the following noise pollution control measures: On-site noise measurement using modern noise meters. Indoor noise pollution control systems and equipment. Design of traffic noise pollution control systems (highway acoustic barriers).

    By Air Water Earth Limited (AWE) based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Site Remediation

    AWE has a full range of analytical and engineering capabilities to provide continuity for environmental projects from initial study through final operation and maintenance.

    By Air Water Earth Limited (AWE) based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Civil Engineering

    Gast offers Civil Engineering expertise including Bulk water supply; Water Purification; Canals; Sewerage, Agri Business and Geosynthetics.

    By Gast International Office in UGANDA.

  • Bulk Water Supply

    From Bulk Water supply for portable use as well as for irrigation, Gast has the ability to provide cost efficient solutions. Dams and reservoirs remain the only viable solution for the creation of dependable and manageable water resources. Floating covers can replace conventional concrete and maintain water purity.

    By Gast International Office in UGANDA.

  • Comodity Brokerage

    Gast has during the last 40 years concentrated its activities in Africa, thereby assisting various Governments, Companies and Corporations in sourcing and purchasing many varied items and products. Our database is extensive and continually expanded. In-house developed software allows for accurate sourcing and pricing, which enables our clients to ...

    By Gast International Office in UGANDA.

  • Piping and Pipelines

    Having completed projects incorporating the use of small and large bore pipes in projects over several hundred kilometers, Gast is able to accurately deliver or remove fluids to or from any particular site over any particular terrain. This designed and delivered with due consideration for environmental regulation and aesthetic acceptance. From ...

    By Gast International Office in UGANDA.

  • Professional Services

    TYPSA Group offers a full range of support in a number of fields. Master plans. Technical, economic and environmental studies and reports. Feasibility studies. Preliminary and schematic designs. Final designs. Construction management and site supervision. Construction project management. Auditing and due diligence Operation and maintenance ...

    By TYPSA Group Office in UGANDA.

  • Research & Development and Innovation Services

    The TYPSA Group allocates more than 1% of its revenue to innovation and technological development. The high level professionals in TYPSA Group’s Technical Departments keep a close watch on technical developments supported by the Development Department, which creates and maintains in-house tools for instant solutions to the demands and ...

    By TYPSA Group Office in UGANDA.

  • Occupational Health And Safety

    Health and safety issues have never been more important than in today's workplace environment. Employers are responsible for reducing workplace injuries and illnesses and protecting employees from work-related risks and hazards. Health risk and endangerment assessments are important aspects of AWE's approach to devising practical and ...

    By Air Water Earth Limited (AWE) based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Service and Maintenance

    Photovoltaic installations are exposed to various influences during their operational life. To avoid losses of revenue (e.g. as a result of loss of performance or gnawing damage), defects or damage, regular and comprehensive maintenance by trained service technicians is recommended. The comprehensive service offered by Kirchner Solar Group ...

    By Kirchner Solar Group GmbH Office in Clock Tower, UGANDA.

  • Pollution Control Equipment

    AWE has adequate professional resource base and capacity to execute environmental projects right from design through construction to start up. Turnkey project execution requires AWE to procure and install pollution control equipment or systems so that its designs and recommendations are turned into immediate working solutions for clients. Strong ...

    By Air Water Earth Limited (AWE) based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Mining and Hydrology

    Liquids, especially water can manifest in the most unwanted places. Where access is almost impossible, Gast can provide the Technology to control the situation using state of the art technology and equipment. Water in deep mining applications can be controlled and 'plugged'. Two major systems are employed: CWR (Colorless Water Repellant) and ...

    By Gast International Office in UGANDA.

  • Waterproofing

    Gast’s world-class waterproofing systems and designs are your source for peace of mind. Gast, being one of the first manufacturers and installers of waterproofing systems in Africa some 44 years ago, gives you surety and superior quality in all waterproofing aspects.

    By Gast International Office in UGANDA.

  • Industrial Waste Disposal Services

    Industrial waste disposal involves the safe disposal of wastes from industries, manufacturers and suppliers and they range from solids, semi-solids, liquids and semi-liquids. We do not indulge in gaseous wastes, because of the nature and complexity of gaseous wastes and their containers (storage items).

    By Desan Services Limited (DSL) based in Kamwokya, UGANDA.

  • Enviromental Consultancy Services

    Desan Services Limited Ltd ( DSL) is a market leading environmental consultancy providing; Environmental Audits and Reviews, Environmental Impact Assessments. We are one of the few consultancies able to combine local expertise and knowledge with global reach and experience.

    By Desan Services Limited (DSL) based in Kamwokya, UGANDA.

  • Geosynthetics

    Gast is the premier provider of both products and installation services. No other company has the quality, experience, innovation products or financial stability of Gast. Gast provides complete service and support for any geosynthetic requirement. Detail drawings can be provided as well as extensive technical and estimating support to assist with ...

    By Gast International Office in UGANDA.

  • Cleaner Production (CP)

    AWE can assist industries and facilities to save money and maintain regulatory compliance through cleaner production (CP). The main objective of regulatory compliance is to identify all environmental regulatory requirements and to assess the prevailing compliance status of the facility. Based on the requirements for each individual client.

    By Air Water Earth Limited (AWE) based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Monitoring

    As environmental regulations continue to grow in number and complexity, industries face increasing challenges to understand and comply with these diverse regulations. AWE can conduct on-site multimedia investigations, involving waste streams in all states or forms, in order to review and identify a client industry's current regulatory compliance ...

    By Air Water Earth Limited (AWE) based in Kampala, UGANDA.

  • Services

    True partnerships that go beyond the technology. As a provider of proven and trusted fleet management solutions to satisfied customers across the globe, MiX Telematics is well established as technology leaders in the field. Per month on average, we record an impressive 4.4 billion vehicle locations, 91 million trips, 500 million miles and 184 ...

    By MiX Telematics Office in Kampala, UGANDA.

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