Environmental industry Services in Louisiana

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    Inspections Service

    InspectieH2O can assist to achieve insight in the performance and status of a cooling water system. Inspections can be helpful to verify the efficiency of the water treatment procedure or to become aware of potential operational risks. Inspections can also be part of a root cause analysis to biofouling (related) operational problems.

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. Office in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

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    Fish Entrainment and Impingement Services

    Industries use large volumes of surface water for cooling purposes or to make potable water. In the process, their (cooling) water intake structures may draw in large numbers of fish (entrainment), which can block intake screens (impingement). Unfortunately, impingement and entrainment can injure and/or kill fish. In addition, impingement can ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. Office in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

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    Environmental Impact Assessment Services

    Biocides used to control biofouling in water systems can result in a discharge of products that can be harmful to the receiving environment. It is known, for instance, that chlorination of surface water produces byproducts like trihalomethanes (THM). Our staff has enormous expertise in evaluating the environmental impacts of biocide use in ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. Office in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

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    Biovision Monitoring Services

    Do you have adequate biofouling control to protect your equipment and pipes? Biofouling in the cooling water system can have dire consequences on unit operations and may cost millions of dollars in operational inefficiencies and down time. H20's biofouling monitoring service combines Biovision Monitor™, a proprietary biofouling detection ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. Office in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

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    Biofouling Expert Service

    With our team of some of the most experienced biologists in the world having implemented hundreds of Biofouling control systems across the globe we can offer an expert review of the fouling as observed on the fouling coupons. The service is provided based on photo images of the fouling coupons of the biovision monitors and data interpretation from ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. Office in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

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    Biofilm Monitoring Service

    Monitoring of biofilms is particularly important when water treatment is the primary approach to prevention of micro-organism settlement, biological scale accumulation and MIC. To monitor the  activity  of these sessile  organisms an  electrochemical biofilm activity monitoring system has been developed to monitor biofilm ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. Office in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • DOT Pipeline Services

    We assist pipeline operating companies in developing, implementing, and documenting routine maintenance schedules. Our consultants are fully qualified under the operator/contractor qualification program listed in 40 CFR 195. Tasks include: Development of operations & maintenance procedures. Pipeline inspection and greasing of key valves. ...

  • Tank Cleaning

    ES&H provides comprehensive industrial cleaning services for tanks, vessels, and barges of all sizes. From project planning to waste removal to cleaning, we can handle all phases of your project in strict accordance with regulations. And our technicians work anywhere—plants, refineries, tank storage facilities, and beyond.

  • Annual And Semiannual Reporting

    Title V Annual and Semiannual Reports. Federal Standards (e.g., the HON and MON reporting requirements). SARA 311, 312 and 313 (Form R) Reporting. Emissions Reporting and Inventory Center (ERIC) for the LDEQ.

    By Eagle Environmental Services, Inc. based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) System

    No two utilities are alike. There are many factors involved when selecting the right Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system. The factors range from the type of utility, the required capabilities of the AMI systems, type of backhaul available (or desired) and the area topography.

    By TritonAMI, Inc based in St. Rose, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Environmental Resources

    By Gannett Fleming, Inc. Office in LaPlace, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Environmental

    By Buchart-Horn Inc. Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Aviation Engineering Services

    From International Hubs to General Aviation and military airports, Buchart Horn’s Aviation Division provides safe and cost effective architectural and engineering designs for land-side and air-side improvements and expansions.

    By Buchart-Horn Inc. Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Aviation Engineering Services Service line

  • Environmental Advocacy

    We serve as advocates for our clients with regard to their environmental issues in a number of scenarios including: Identifying applicable regulations, Working with agency personnel to expedite permit approval, Negotiating permit terms to ensure maximal flexibility, Responding to Section 114 information requests, Providing litigation support ...

    By Trinity Consultants Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Environmental Advocacy Service line

  • Compliance Audits/Planning

    A comprehensive compliance audit can help an organization ensure that all applicable regulations have been properly addressed and to identify and resolve any problematic issues in a timely manner. A compliance audit from Trinity begins with a thorough review of existing facility data including permits, permit applications, plot plans, construction ...

    By Trinity Consultants Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Compliance Audits/Planning Service line

  • Behavior Based System Implementation

    Behavior-Based Safety System (BBSS) implementation. Behavior-Based Safety System (BBSS) training. Behavior-Based Environmental System (BBES) implementation and training. Behavior-Based EH&S System implementation and training.

    By Parker & Associates based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Diver Support Services

    Providing a second set of eyes and [in certain cases] a third hand, SeaTrepid assists divers getting the task finished in a safe and timely manner with positive control by the diving supervisor.

    By SeaTrepid International, LLC based in Robert, LOUISIANA (USA). from Diver Support Services Service line

  • Control Technology Determination/Evaluations

    Increasingly stringent environmental regulations require higher performance and greater reliability for new air pollution control (APC) systems. Existing APC systems become subject to new requirements for monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting as new deadlines and thresholds are developed by agencies. Failure to comply can mean significant ...

  • Procurement of AMI Services

    Many times cities procure new AMI systems using the same basic Purchase Order they would use to purchase water meters or office desks.

    By TritonAMI, Inc based in St. Rose, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • General Shop Fabrication Services

    American specializes in bolted, welded and fiberglass tank components, internal piping, special tank suction systems and minor structural projects.

    By American Tank Company, Inc. based in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA).

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