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Eclat Consult

Logistical/Project Support

Éclat offers world class project/logistical support to ensure that projects proceed as scheduled. This service aims to tap  a number of sectors for example, the renewed interest in real estate, with market research indicating that many of those who would want to invest in the sector fail to do so due to lack of a credible enterprise to help them along the way. At éclat, we have diversified into construction management as a way of facilitating home/estate ownership while focusing on green operations in procurement and use of construction inputs with the subsequent disposal of debris and waste material being carried out in line with the stipulated environmental guidelines.

Fortunately, Éclat has a number of customized services to ensure clients get value for their investment. We do this by;

  • Developing the terms of reference (ToR) from the onset within which we define the roles and responsibilities of each party i.e. the proponent/developer and Éclat - hereby known as the agent.
  • Ensuring cost-effectiveness in sourcing and supply of raw materials for construction. Some of the raw materials we currently source for include; sand, cement, ballast, paints, roofing tiles, e.t.c. 
  • Scheduling of activities and sourcing of appropriate personnel to work in the projects.
  • Preparing progress reports and distributing them on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. On request, we can also give the reports at no extra cost.
  • Giving our clients a worthwhile warranty on products used during construction

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