Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc. (ERS)
Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc. (ERS)

Lubricant Service


ERS is your Complete Fuel and Lubricants Management company providing solutions for large remote projects and all of your manufacturing, trucking, and construction needs. The service and quality that we offer gives you the peace of mind in knowing that all your fuel and lubricant needs will be handled reliably, responsibly, and safely. ERS is the distributor of the full line of the Phillips family of lubricating oils, including Conoco, Unocal76, Phillips 66, and Phillips Aviation. We are here to help serve all of your equipment needs.

Lubricant service summary

  • Distribution of the Phillips family of lubricating oils, including:
    • Conoco
    • Unical76
    • Kendall
    • Phillips 66
    • Phillips Aviation
  • Supply of equipment for storage and dispensing
  • Delivery of product to your project, warehouse, shop, or other requested destination
  • Provide training and technical support
  • Oil analysis program
  • Mobile storage for remote projects

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