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The ARB Pipeline Division has a unique history of various work environments and conditions for pipeline construction applications. Our experience includes street work in congested urban areas; work in and around major California Ports; areas with congested substructures; railroad rights of way; environmentally sensitive areas; and areas of archeological significance.

We are adept at compliance with Department of Transportation regulations specific to our industry and other regulatory agencies involved in all aspects of pipeline construction. The ARB Pipeline Division has extensive experience with a variety of construction application methods for pipelines from direct burial to directional drilling, and auger bores. Our projects vary in size from a few feet of 2-inch pipe to miles of 42-inch pipe through city and urban areas. The cross country projects that we construct range in size from a few miles to over 100 miles in length and our crews have years of experience in deserts, rough mountainous terrain, wetlands, and agricultural properties.

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