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Maintenance and Cleaning of Random Plastic Packings


Maintenance and Cleaning of Random Plastic Packings: Rules of Thumb.

  1. Pressure drop across a packed bed of any random plastic packing product should be routinely monitored. Pressure drop when the bed is first installed – i.e. – the packing is new and totally clean – is the benchmark value used to determine what is happening in the bed. Should the pressure drop be observed to rise over time, deposits from hard water and other sources may be slowly building on the packing. If the pressure drop is observed to double this is an obvious indicator that fouling of the packing has taken place and preventative action is needed.
  2. Assuming the above has taken place – the packed bed should be inspected at the first opportunity to do so. If deposits are observed backwashing of the packing with an acid solution using Muriatic or Sulfuric or other available acid may partially dissolve CaCO3 and other deposits. Also, if practical, the packing may be soaked in place with the acid solution.
  3. If the above does not return the packed bed to almost original ΔP it may be time to replace the packing.

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