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Maintenance and support service offerings include installation, start-up and commissioning, training and repair.

Each individual instrument has its own impact on your success. With this understanding, METTLER TOLEDO takes a unique approach to designing service solutions. The tailored service plan for your facility should be driven by the impact each individual instrument has on your business goals. This impact can be measured in various ways such as the financial and operational consequences of inaccuracy, substandard quality, downtime, and noncompliance with regulations. Using a strategic process, METTLER TOLEDO examines how critical each instrument is to your operations and determines a service strategy that best supports your success.

In developing your service solution, we specifically tailor a service plan to include appropriate calibrations, certificates, scheduled preventative maintenance, repair services, and regulatory compliance services.

The METTLER TOLEDO Technical Support Staff can help to isolate difficulties and suggest the right course of action to return your instrument to top performance. If you require support to install, operate or resolve application questions, our professionals are available to assist you.

After investing in quality, you want to make sure that your critical and technologically advanced precision instrument is installed and commissioned by a qualified professional. The reliability and life cycle of any product is closely related to the initial installation and set-up. A professional installation by an authorized, factory-trained Service Professional ensures your METTLER TOLEDO instrument is set to our exact specifications and configured to your working environment.

System components are repaired in-house by factory-trained service professionals, using only factory original parts. Before being returned to you, all system components are cleaned, aligned to the manufacturer's specifications, and tested to ensure our highest quality standards have been met.

DO sensors that have been in operation are refurbished to near new condition. The sensor undergoes a process in which it is disassembled, cleaned and then all critical parts are replaced. Once reassembled, the sensor is polarized and tested to ensure top performance. The sensor is returned to you with a certificate to validate refurbishment and a new warranty.

To ensure continued top performance of your DO and Conductivity sensors after installation, we rebuild and recalibrate, respectively, at our service center.

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