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The availability of your own technical personnel is a significant criterion in your decision between a basic maintenance contract or a full maintenance contract with AERZEN for your machine or your machine configuration. Make effective use of your own resources and “purchase” only the external capabilities which you really need. Our service packages offer considerable flexibility for individual agreements.

Nobody knows AERZEN packaged units better than AERZEN service technicians. In addition, there are more than 150 years of experience behind a service world which is perfectly adjusted to customer requirements. Make your decision on which kind of preventive maintenance is the most suitable for you. Our maintenance contracts are set up according to your requests and the scope of performance is appropriately structured.

Warranty extensions provide comfort and are better than any insurance. These only apply to new machines from AERZEN and can be concluded with a duration of up to five years.

We will take over the maintenance according to the operating manual, as well as all unforeseen repairs during the contract period for an annual fee, not including the costs for the general inspection as well as the necessary wear parts (e.g. V-belt, air filter, compression sleeves, oil filter, oil).

  • for new machines in standard air range
  • contract closing prior to commissioning of the machines
  • duration according to customer request up to 5 years
  • exclusive use of AERZEN OEM parts
  • all spare parts are included in the maintenance fee during the contract period
  • full liability for the entire contract period
  • no travel costs and no costs for food and accommodation

  • Performance of necessary maintenance
  • General overhaul depending on the condition of the machine
  • Extension of service life
  • 100 % presentation of the machine history
  • Competent evaluation of the machine
  • Use of OEM spare parts
  • Pro-active, predictable services
  • Less machine failures
  • Optimal availability Contents of maintenance contracts

You will receive OEM service quality in both cases, the best basis for perfect machine availability. The different types of contracts available complement each other. The basic level contracts are: Partial Maintenance 1 and Partial Maintenance 2. Then we have the Maintenance and Repairs contract, and finally the Full Maintenance contract which includes full warranty for the complete contract period, two service calls per year, 7/24/365 service as well as spare parts or repairs free of charge.

More than 150 years of experience in service

Good to know: during every maintenance assignment special inspection and check lists are processed, which are particularly prepared for AERZEN rotary lobe compressors, screw compressors and positive displacement blower packaged units. They optimally cover the necessary scope of work which is mandatory for the protection and care of your machine. In this way, you ensure the most economical solution and avoid unnecessary (and expensive) additional costs which often occur when service is performed by non-OEM service technicians.

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