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Maintenance of Hydrocarbon Separators / Desanders Services


It is recommended to perform the following maintenance tasks at least every 6 months. Desander: Remove the build-up of solids in the desander. It is recommended to empty the desander when half the sludge volume is reached.

Hydrocarbon separator:

  • Thickness measurement of the hydrocarbon layer: It is recommended to remove the floating layer of hydrocarbons, followed by the corresponding subsequent process, when the floating layer reaches a thickness of 10 cm.
  • Review the sealing system: Check that the automatic sealing device is not blocked in order to prevent the release of the stored hydrocarbon.
  • Coalescence: Check that the coalescent lamellae are not blocked. They will not be blocked if the water level is the same between the different compartments.
  • Alarm: Check the warning device.

Exceptionally, whenever it is necessary to enter the separator, it has to be emptied and ventilated.
Regulations and/or decrees on accident prevention and handling of hazardous materials should be rigorously followed.
Before putting the hydrocarbon separator into service it should be filled with clean water.

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