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Make Mercury History!

The second part of our business year 2018 is characterized by our activities to treat mercury. Specifically, we • started a service order for the conversion of several hundred tons of mercury to comparatively harmless mercury sulphide in England, • continued to train operating staff and to optimise the newly established treatment centre for mercury wastes in Karratha/ Western Australia, • planned a plant for the treatment of mercury contaminated soils in India, • conduct a feasibility study for high-temperature treatment of mercury-catalysts in Europe, • took part at the ‚UNIDO-International Meeting on Mercury Waste Management‘ in Vienna in September, • will present our mercury waste management technology at the ‚Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury‘ (COP2) in November. econ fights against the export of mercury wastes beyond national border lines and for a decentral treatment of mercury wastes on-site.

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