Coastline Surveys Limited (CSL)

Coastline Surveys Limited (CSL)

Marine Civil Engineering & Harbour Development Services


New civil engineering projects surveyed by Coastline Surveys Limited include bridges, dams, marinas and berths. Within established ports and marinas also there is a frequent requirement for quay and pier extensions as technology and commercial activities change. Both the physical entity of the constructions and the surrounding area have to be surveyed prior to and after work on the project for environmental and structural integrity. Geophysical studies of the seabed to assess bed strength, sediment size and composition can be undertaken by drilling and/or by taking core samples. Vibrocores can be used to obtain continuous vertical seabed samples for analysis of shear strength, stability, bedrock depth and sediment distribution. Grabbing is frequently used for surface sediment collection for size distribution, floral and faunal content and possible contaminants.

Water flow around structures requires assessment to determine present and predicted areas of scouring and deposition, for example maintenance of depth for craft using the berth and protection of the structure from erosion. Monitoring of flow over a period including different tidal cycles where relevant, at a number of stations depending upon site layout, will supply data which is presented as a report and fair copies in chart/map form on the required datum. Sediment and water quality analysis will show if pollution is evident/may be disturbed/may have been caused by the work within the basin.

Marine Development Services Available:

  • Tidal Monitoring
  • Echosounding
  • Sidescan Sonar Imaging
  • Bathymetric Processing
  • Sediment Grab Sampling
  • Vibrocoring u Current Monitoring
  • Sediment Migration Studies
  • Water Sampling
  • High Resolution Geophysics

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